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This is where I will post up some of my drawings I've done for the fanfic. Im not a absolute skilled artist with heaps of talent but I hope to some day improve my skills and draw even better! So enjoy these pics!

- Tenko!

This is my most recent picture I've drawn for the concept art section. The two main characters of this fanfic, Lee and Ashlee.

Here are just some face portraits of some of the characters. Not the final version for most as I'm just making sketches.

L to R: Ace Chan, Jack Diamonds, Lee Suzuki, Summer.

- Latest concept picture of Ashlee Madison Hawkins which I drew not long ago!

*NEW* - New Character to a new fanfic. Inspired by Go Younha! =P

*NEW* - A soon to be introduced into the main fanfic, Erstin.