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Welcome to the Apocalypse Alliance, Racing Fanfiction site. Hi I'm "Tenko" the writer of this fanfiction or should I say story. This fanfiction was usually going to be based on a anime I like so much, Initial D. However the more I write, the more the storyline changed and now it's became it's own series. I have no intentions now to publish this, it's just something I do for fun.

This story is mostly made up with some of the characters based on real life people I know who I got permission off. I started this story way back in 2002 when I started to watch Initial D, the anime. It just inspired me to write something that is similiar though with a completely different storyline. There is also no downloaded files of music and etc in this site. Song titles are there for those who have it, can listen to it while reading a particular part.

As this is my first time writing something so complex, please give feedback. Good or bad, I just want to see what people think of it. Fact is I wrote this for fun without any thoughts of where this may lead to in the future. 

 That's it for now, any problems, regards or comments please send to apocalypse.alliance@gmail.com. 

This fanfiction/ story is copyright by Lee. P A.K.A Tenko.

Thank you.

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