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North American Geographical Assocation

The North American Geographical Association (or NAGA as it is more commonly called) began existence as the North American Geological Agency in 1879 as a government agency of the then United States of America charged with "classification of the public lands, and examination of the geological structure, mineral resources, and products of the national domain."

For over a century and a half, the agency catalogued the minerological resources of the continent and monitored areas of volcanic or seismic interest; such as Yellowstone National Park, the San Andreas Fault, and the volcanic peak along the Pacific Coast.

The agency, along with most other government departments, was disbanded during the Great Rectification.

Many decades later, researchers at Mount Whitney University in Isla Aether, uncovered a number of old NAGA scientific papers and reports alongside copies of an old publication called National Geographic. Inspired by the articles they read, and the NAGA motto of "Science for a changing world" (as well as some initial confusion as to what the acronym NAGA stood for), they vowed to create an association of scientists, researchers and explorers dedicated to charting the changes happening to the environment and terrain of North American continent, explorer and document the plethora of emerging cultures amongst the NeoBedouin and Skyfolk community as well as digging up information and knowledge lost during the chaos of the Great Rectification.

Recently, they commissoned the construction of the airship Intrepid to act as their mobile headquarters.

Prominent Members