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Laura Lasko


Laura Lasko

Physical 4, Mental 4

Business 4, Dodge 3, Firearms 3, Perception 2, Pilot 3, Swordplay 3

Health 8
After ten minutes of waiting in the foyer, the door opens. But it is not Jack that enters, but a middle-aged woman. Her cold, business-like demeanour is emphasised by her clothing. Plain, unadorned, but practical pants, shirt and jacket. She pauses a moment, as if filing away your liknesses for later reference. A fleeting look of annoyance is quickly erased by a fixed smile as she approaches and introduces herself.

Originally hailing from the cold northern NeoVictorian city of Old Borealis, Laura is a confident, no-nonsense woman with a strong business mind. She came to Port Helena many years ago, having fled the constricting confines of a NeoVictorian lifestyle, bringing with her a significant portion of family's wealth. Initially, her cold exterior won her few friends and she found it difficult to establish herself in the community.

Around the same time, Jack Cutter arrived in Port Helena to settle down with his wife and start a legitimate business. At first, the former-pirate was as wary of the NeoVictorian as everyone else. However, are business-sense (and not to mention her money) quickly won him over and the two became business partners in the fledging CMS.

After the death of Cutter's wife, Laura stepped in to assume day-to-day operation of the company, giving Jack time to grieve. Laura is one of only a handful of people who are aware that William Cutter is not a human child but an automaton doll made to resemble Jack's idealised image of his dead son.

The Tribulations of Scabby Jack

However, Jack has recently begun to show a greater interest in the company that bears his name. Laura saw the influence and control that she had spent years building up begin to drift away from her. When she discovered that the man planned to officially name William as his heir, it was the last straw. She would not see the company fall into the hands of a stinking automaton. Jack had to go.

Calling on those loyal to her, she arranged for William to be "kidnapped" hoping to lure Jack away from Port Helena where he and the automaton brat could be disposed off; tragically, they would both be killed during a botched attempt to exchange a ransom.

The intervention of the Nimbus foiled her plan and forced her to act directly against Jack when the juvenile mercenaries informed her partner of her betrayal. Unfortunately for her, she underestimated the skill of the Nimbus crew and fell in battle.