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Jeremiah Belforet

Hailing from Desolation City, 29-year-old Jeremiah Belforet is a wealthy entrepreneur with a diversified portfolio of business interests across North America. He spends most of his time aloft aboard his private airship, The El Dorado, shuttling between Desolation, Everglades and Old Borealis.

Jeremiah is married to Cassandra Belforet, a dazzling 25-year-old woman, and quite possibly the the only weakness in the man's business-like demeanour.

Whenever he returns to Desolation, he celebrates with a lavish ball and it was during one of these balls that Jeremiah and the crew of the Nimbus crossed paths. During a (very) brief visit to the Change Cage City, Constantine and Zeke had reason to infiltrate the Belforet estate and crash the ball. The whys and hows are unimportant, what is important is that by the end of the night, Cassandra Belforet and Constantine Sirocco had shared an intimate moment.

When Jeremiah discovered the tryst, he was understandably furious. Constantine and Zeke had to beat a hasty retreat, meeting up with the rest of the crew and fleeing the city.

Jeremiah vowed revenge on Constantine and his crew of wayward delinquents. With his contacts, it would be easy to track them down and kill them, but he was no thug or pirate. He was educated, intelligent, and civilised. When his revenge came, it would be swift and decisive. He didn't just want to kill Constantine, no, he wanted to destroy the boy first.

Trouble in Helium City

Tracking down Constantine and his crew to Helium City, Jeremiah set into motion a convoluted plan that involved framing Constantine's younger brother for attempted murder. Despite bribing several members of the local police force, fabricating evidence and even providing eye witness testimony that clearly implicated Xanatos, than plan slowly began to unravel.

In a last ditch attempt to salvage the plan, he again bribed the captain of the police station where Xanatos was being held. This time in order to have Xanatos released on bail into his custody. He first took the boy to his hotel room where he could drug him in order so that he wouldn't make a scene when smuggled on board the El Dorado.

Luckily, this plan was foiled when Xanatos' crewmates turned up having discovered his release from police custody. During the ensuing chase through the streets of Helium City, Jeremiah was severely injured and rendered unconscious. Before anyone could do anything to him, the El Dorado appeared overhead and deposited several heavily armed ganger automatons. The appearance, and quick extraction of Jeremiah, revealed that the NeoVictorian gentleman had links with to the Chuno Ggun. Perhaps even being an agent of the organisation himself.

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1 Jan 2012, 05:52