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"Scabby" Jack Cutter


William Cutter

Physical +2, Mental +6

Appraisal 1, Business 3, Intimidate 3, Perception 1, Swordplay 3

Health 6
There is a solid wooden desk, behind which sits a middle-aged man in a large comfortable leather chair. The man looks up at you as you enter, his pale grey eyes glittering as he sizes you up. The man himself, who is none other than Scabby Jack, is dressed in fine clothes, although he wears them badly. He is overweight and dissipated. His left arm and hand seem withered and sore, although it is hard to make out the nature of the injury; criss-crossed tattoos adorn his limbs.

46 year old Jack Cutter, or "Scabby" Jack as he is more commonly known, is an ex-pirate turned merchant who bought himself an estate on the outskirts of Port Helena with the proceeds from the final score of his pirating career. Going legit, he settled down with his wife and set about starting a family.

However, tragedy struck. His wife died giving birth to their only child, William. Consumed by grief at the loss of his beloved wife, Jack shut himself away in his estate along with his infant son, leaving the operation of his business to his partner; a fellow ex-pirate by the name of Laura Lasko. It's not until recently that Jack has allowed William, now eight, to leave the confines of the house.

William Cutter
William Cutter

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Jack's "son", an automaton doll modelled on an eight year old boy.

Cutter Merchant Services

CMS is a trading company based in Port Haven and founded 12 years ago by Jack Cutter. Initially starting off with just one ship, a modified Barracuda, it quickly grew to a small fleet of seven ships; four Barracuda cargo haulers but with, 1 heavily modified Tigerfish used for high-speed courier work, and two heavily armed Tigerfish's used for armed escort of valuable cargo. The growing company has recently expanded into providing on-ship security by training its own marine force which can be hired out by independent ships who need a little extra protection on a specific job. Following the death of his wife, Jack Cutter took a back seat and handed over the running of day-to-day operations to his business partner Laura Lasko and under her helm, the company has quickly grown into a respectable-sized company.