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Port Helena

Built in and around the crater of Mt St Helens, Port Helena has become a sleepy haven for merchant's and "non-conventional trade specialists". It's high altitude (approx 8'000ft) gives it good visibility in all directions and the crater rim is protected on three sides (the fourth was destroyed by a devastating volcanic eruption in 1980) by cannon emplacements, the only example of coordinated municipal activity evident in the community. With visibility on all approach angles, and clear lines of fire, Port Helena has managed to exist relatively secure from IAN incursions or attacks by hostile raiders.

Despite being built on an active volcano, the residents of Port Helena aren't worried. The volcano's activity is monitored continuously by the town's resident geologist and his apprentice through the use of an old NAGA (North American Geological Agency) monitoring station left behind in the chaos of the Great Rectification. The geologist is relatively confident that any sign of a coming eruption would be spotted months in advance.

The existence of the volcano under their feet has given Port Helena an unexpected benefit. Several steam vents were tapped to provide heating during the cold winter months. Later, an enterprising engineer used the subterranean heat to create a geothermal powered electrical generator; the first of many. Today, Port Helena possess many such generators providing a steady supply of electricity to the community.

Notable People
"Scabby" Jack Cutter
Laura Lasko

Skyloft Statistics

Location: Mt St Helens, Washington (46°12′19″N 122°11′10″W)
Shape: Irregular
Size & Population: Medium - 400 permanent residents
Layout: 3 terraces surrounding crater
Mooring: Permanent, Port Helena is built into the crater of Mt St Helens and cannot be relocated
Primary Economy: Merchant Services
Secondary Economy: Non-Conventional trading practices (aka Piracy)
Governance: No official governing body
Taxation: None
Wealth: Comfortable
Facilities: Good
Docking Facilities: Reasonable
Defences: natural stronghold with cannon emplacements (some privately owned, some dedicated to municipal defence)
Law and Order: Basic code of law, applied fairly and policed minimally
Population Satisfaction: Generally very happy

Geographical Location