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The El Dorado

The El Dorado

Unique custom build


NeoVictorian Empire

Desolation City

Constructed at the fleet yards of Desolation City, the El Dorado is a one-of-a-kind airship. A prototype built to the demanding specifications of its owner and captain, Jeremiah Belforet.

Although it appears to be nothing more than a large cargo carrying airship, albeit one with high quality exterior embellishments and a luxurious interior, the El Dorado is a bit of a Q-Ship (ext link). Beneath the refinements that one would expect owned from a wealthy gentlemen who uses it as a floating home on frequent long business trips, lies a heavily armed ship. Although its armour is not as tough as other ships it's size, the El Dorado packs a significant amount of armaments in the form of 20 large cannons and 4 rocket launchers (situated fore and aft for use during pursuits). It also contains a hidden lower deck which houses 8 ganger automatons which can drop down out of hatches on fall arrestors, quickly deploying them into combat zones.

All of these hidden armaments are due to the fact that the ship is an undercover Chuno Ggun captained by one of its agents.

Handling: 9 Movement: 80 mph
Armour Points: 6 Crew: 80/60
Resource Space: 75 Range 2000 miles
Fixed Cargo Space: 75 Cost: He31'900

Resources: Automaton Mounts (8 - concealed), Luxurious Cabin, Weapons Locker, Secure Storage Room (2), Sauna

Marine Contingent: 20

Weapons: 20 Large Cannons (10 each side), 4 Rocket Launchers (2 aft, 2 bow)

Broadside Damage: 150

Health: 40 Health Dice

David Andrews,
11 Dec 2011, 08:06