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If you are looking for a small, simple, way to provide healthy organic fish and fresh vegetables for you and your family then look no further.
My family and I have used these completely soil-less, chemical free, aquaponic systems to help provide for our table for years.  We developed the "EZ Double Barrel Aquaponic System" to meet the needs of those who live in small homes, apartments, etc. They are also perfect for school or club projects, senior citizens and more.  In them you will be able to raise and hold up to 12 market size (1 1/4lbs.) tilapia or other suitable fish (even goldfish) along with a variety of fruits and vegetables each year, or all year in a greenhouse or other enclosure. They accomplish all this amazingly because of the mutually beneficial relationship of good natural bacteria, fish, water, and plants!!  This could be called a true micro ecosystem "cycle of life" system at work before your eyes!

Phenominal Plant Growth!!!

There are many larger more complex, and expensive systems on the net to build or buy, but we saw the need for a simple, smaller, but practical and productive system for backyards, patios, decks, and even grow light equipped garages, and basements. We believe we have the perfect solution in our "EZ Double Barrel Aquaponic System."Our "EZ Double Barrel Aquaponic System can be made by anyone with simple tools with readily available materials.  NO backbreaking labor, NO weeding, NO tilling, NO stooping, just pure fun!!! Yes it takes a little work to build the unit, but it's really not difficult at all!!  


Drop me a line today at aplusaquaponics@gmail.com to purchase your set of pictorial plans with detailed measurements and information that you just can't get from looking.  The plans make it "EZ" to build your own in a couple of half days, and in no time you will be ready to started raising your own home grown, delicious food.

The plans cost $35 US Dollars.  I will send the plans to your email address in PDF format to view or print usually within 24-48 hours after payment is made.
After receiving your order I will then send an invoice to your email address from PayPal so that you can make payment. 

You DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay. You may pay with your credit card or bank debit card without signing up for Pay-pal. Pay-Pal Is Preferred but I will also accept a Money Order or Cash (if you're willing to accept the risk, it still works - I will however, not be held responsible for lost money). Western Union wire transfer of funds is also available in most all foreign countries.

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***A+ Aquaponics has chosen to partner with the ministry of Global Family Care Network.  A full 10% of all our proceeds will be given to help rescue a child from "Human Trafficking," abuse and/or neglect in India or Nepal.***
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