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Digital Detox: Starting April 10th --> You can do it!  But, if you really think you can't, the "In Theory Only" option is listed below, and you'll find the 3 iDisorder chapters from which to choose.   Are you sure you don't want to give it a shot? 

Digital Detox Rules:

·         Take home the parent letter (at the top of this paper) about this assignment; get a signature; return ASAP!

·         Avoid Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, (and all other social networking sites that I don’t even know exist J). 

·         Avoid video games, word games, brain games, etc. (on your computer, phone, etc.).

·         Avoid any program/device that operates through an algorithm: Pandora, Pinterest, etc.

·         Only play music that is on the radio or CD.  No I-pod, MP3, computer, etc. 

·         Only use your phone for PHONE CALLS (can you imagine?)  If you absolutely must text, do so with brevity and only for work/school/informative purposes -- no chit-chat, no gossip, no flirting, etc. with your friends.

·         Only use the Internet for school assignments (no surfing the web for leisure; no YouTube). 

·         Only use email and instant messaging for work/school/informative purposes -- no chit-chat, no gossip, etc.

·         Only use television for LIVE viewing – no Netflix, no recorded tv.  Limit tv to 60 minutes a day.

·          DO – of course – continue to communicate with your parents/guardians! Invite your families to participate with you!  Having a support network will make it easier.


Digital Detox Assignment Specifics

In Theory Only

This option is for you if you’re terrified to unplug, but you respect that there are ideas out there about why there may be value in the notion of doing so on occasion.  This option does not require you to shut-down your devices or follow the Digital Detox Rules listed above.  Instead, do the following:

1.       On a 10 point scale (10= can’t live without it), rate your level of “digital-addiction.”  Write a one paragraph (8+ sentences) explanation of your rating.  Use specificity in your explanation.

2.       Download (from our class website), read, and HEAVILY annotate one of the provided chapters from the book iDisorder

3.       Write a rhetorical précis of the chapter. 

4.       Using a main argument of the writer, respond to the article in a 2-page typed DRQ essay where you either defend, refute, or qualify this main premise.

5.       Bring all of these items to class on _________________ to share with your classmates.

(Include your name on the appropriate list. 
Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to locate the TYPE of the workshop RA, Synthesis, DRQ, etc.) 

Challenge Points Project -- DUE MAY 18!
Teacher Book Club Choices -- Everyone's Invited!
Thursday, April 30th at 2 pm in W207
Ms. Fjetland’s: Food: A Love Story 
by Jim Gaffigan

Friday, April 3 during 7th in the LMC 
Ms. Clarke’s: Drunk Tank Pink: & Other Unexpected Forces That Shape How 
We Think, Feel, & Behave  
by Adam Alter


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