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Welcome to AP Language and Composition for 2017-18
Ms. Fjetland

To get to the summer assignment, please join my Schoology GROUP (not course).

Access Code:  4ZKCV-B57ZV

Parents/Guardians: Please browse around this website, paying special attention to...
  • the AP Lang class syllabus (attached below), 
  • the monthly calendars (to the left), 
  • the Parent Information link (to the left),  
  • the College Board materials (to the left).
Likewise, ask your student to show you the AP Lang Schoology group to which he/she belongs.  

Much Thanks; here's to a great school year!  -- Shala Fjetland                         

Prospective Students: Thinking about taking AP Language? Click here for more information. 

Shala FC,
Aug 15, 2016, 10:25 AM