Getting Here


Travel by Air
If you are venturing north without your vehicle, you can hop on an Alaska Airlines plane from Seattle to Ketchikan.  From Ketchikan you can catch one of the daily float or wheeled plane flights directly to the island.

Travel by Sea
Traveling with your camper or car?  You will want to catch the northbound ferry in Bellingham, WA or Prince Rupert, BC, Canada to get to Ketchikan, AK.  The ferry's leave only once or twice a week, so you will need to make your plans accordingly to meet your reservations.  The length of the ferry ride depends on where you depart from, with ride duration varying from six hours to a couple of days.

Travel Tips
Be sure to make your ferry reservations for both ferry's as far in advance as possible to ensure that you will have a spot reserved for you and your vehicle.  Since the ferry's only leave at certain times, be sure to carefully plan your travel times to avoid being stranded overnight.  Make sure that your passport is valid if you are passing through Canada.

Once you make it to Ketchikan, AK you will need to catch the smaller ferry to Hollis on Prince of Wales Island.  This is a three hour ride with chances for spectacular sights such as humpback or killer whales and eagles near and far.  Once you touch ground in Hollis, Klawock is only a 40-minute drive from the ferry terminal.

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Trips between Ketchikan and Prince of Wales

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Float plane service from Ketchikan to POW.


Float plane service from Ketchikan to POW.


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