~A&P Home~

This was created to help other A&P students find useful resources available. Sometimes, however, resources can be difficult to locate. Therefore, I took all of my favorite websites and compiled all of them into a organized format. Also, each link here will have a clear description of what the site contains. The description elaborates on the website's usefulness. I encourage anyone to utilize and share this resource. Enjoy.

Goals I have in mind with this is to promote collaboration and communication among A&P students. I would encourage students to do the following:

  • Converse with your classmates and try to offer a helping hand.
  • Use the forum to share thoughts and ideas to help promote each others success.
  • Use the resources available to you to facilitate your own and others' success.
Please contact me to rate a particular site for its usefulness or lack of. Or, if something isn't working correctly. I want the site list to be dynamic and change according to the usefulness of a particular resource.

Also, I somewhat despise the massive amount of advertising on TV, news, internet, billboards, mail, etc. The advertising density has become nauseating. While this site is through Google, I have no intention on using their advertising nor will I endorse any particular product. Unless, of course, the product is free. There is so much free material and resources available, you shouldn't need to buy much more than your required textbooks. There are a large number of books out there that appear to be helpful but why not use the internet and benefit from its' wealth of (free) knowledge.