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Towards the Reign of God 


  Giralomo dai Libri: God the Father


Is it possible to prove the existence of God?


The Roman Catholic Church in its First Vatican Council declared that it is possible through reason to prove the existence of God.  Nevertheless no proof has ever gained anywhere’s near universal acceptance.  Some proofs, like the ontological argument of St. Anselm, have been openly mocked.  Thomistic scholars remind us that Thomas Aquinas has left us, not five proofs, but five ways.  Many argue that a”leap of faith” is always necessary.


The God whose existence we so often try to prove is the source of whatever else exists.  He is at the origin of everything we are and everything we do.  It is all gift.  Even our knowledge of him is gift to be received and not the results of our effort. 


God reveals himself to all who would listen in everything that is.  He speaks within us in the innermost recesses of our being.  He reveals himself through his Word in the power of the Holy Spirit calling us to himself.  God is the absolute future that make sense out of the journey that is human life, ever calling us to let go of what we have become up to that moment, summoning us to listen more carefully to his Word spoken to us and to accept more fully the gift of life ever offered to us in the power of his Holy Spirit.


There is no need to prove the existence of God.  We need only listen to his Word spoken to us in the moment, in every moment.  




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