What is Piece of Portland?

Is it hard for you to find a hat or scarf that fits you perfectly? That is the exact color(s) you want? For a price within your budget?

Then Piece of Portland is the PERFECT place for you to look! 

I crochet every product by hand, customizing them to your liking! Each hat and or scarf are stitched specifically to your wants and needs. 

Order now and bring a Piece of Portland home to you and your loved ones today!

Just in time for the holidays! Piece of Portland Homemade Holiday Hats and Scarves are the PERFECT holiday gifts for your loved ones! Design them yourself!

What's New?

Now making Pom Poms to decorate the tops of your hats!!

- Pom Poms are decorative fuzz balls that sit at the top of the hat
- One is typically placed in the top middle of the hat
- Sometimes two are used on either side of the hat to resemble ears!
- Great for kids!

Pets love Piece of Portland too!!

- Dogs can stay warm during the chilly holiday season too with Piece of Portland!
- Buy a scarf for you and then a matching one for your animal best friend!

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"Here's what I think is wonderful about Piece of Portland. The concept of getting to choose your own price, material, and design is genius. That goes without saying, but I believe the uniqueness of every individual article is what's so valuable. In a world that mass produces everything, I take comfort in companies, like this one-- that makes every item by hand inevitably making each article one of a kind. What's more is that every hat, every scarf is made to cater to the personality, to the energy of its consumer. I adore my hat. I get compliments on it every time I wear it (without fail). I love getting to tell someone curious about where I bought it that it was custom-made for, well, me. I wear it just about every other day because the quality allows me too. I've actually just placed another order for a few more, because I need 'em."
- Angelita Torres
Houston, Texas

"I'm in love!!!!!! With my new hat from Piece of Portland - Holiday Hats and Scarves. They're the perfect holiday gift!!"
- Christopher R. Gutierrez
North Adams, Massachusetts

"I love my scarf and it was just in time for the cold! It's uber fuzzy and fits my personality perfectly. Thanks Lacy!"
- Priscilla Finstad
River Falls, Wisconsin

"Piece of Portland is fantastic! The service is amazing and the quality is even better. Highly recommended for everyone!"
- Joshua Vetter
Fairmont, Minnesota

"Best hats and scarves in the world!!!! I wear both!!!!"
- Christopher Blake
Portland, Oregon

"Being a huge fan of warmth and style, my experience with Piece of Portland has been more than ideal. If I ever need a product like this again, Piece of Portland is the first place I'll go."
- Bradley Mixon
Wildomar, California

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