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Getting the user data

    11870.com API allows applications granted by a user to modify his profile and change his avatar. You can get the user data by accessing the following url:


    The mapping of the returned object is the one explained in User mapping. If you ask for your own user data you will get more information, as explained in the mapping page.

    If you access the collection url, http://api.11870.com/api/v2/users, you will get a feed with only the entry of your user.

Updating the user data

    Normal AtomPub considerations apply. To modify a review you have to make a PUT to the entry url: http://api.11870.com/api/v2/users/[userSlug]

    The following attributes may appear on the Atom entry being updated:

  • atom:title
  • atom:content
  • oos:name
  • oos:surname
  • oos:telephone
  • oos:mail
  • oos:nomails
  • oos:nonewsletter
  • oos:onlycontacts
  • oos:nobulletin
  • oos:nomailonmediacomments
  • oos:nomailonlikes
  • oos:nomailoncommentsonreview
  • oos:nosuggestedcontacts

    If the user has been successfully modified, a 204 status code is returned.

Updating the user avatar

    The user avatar is placed under the link with the attribute rel="edit-media". Normal AtomPub to manage media contents apply here, GET and PUT methods are allowed to get and modify the avatar. The url has the following structure:


    If the avatar has been successfully modified, a 204 status code is returned.