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Site details

Service details

    In order to know the details of one service, even if has no reviews, there is one end point available:


     Accessing here you will get a feed with one single entry with the service details. The mapping is the one explained in Site mapping.

     Only the GET method is allowed.

Service reviews

    In the 11870.com v2 API there is a new access point to get all the reviews of a service. The mapping between the review and atom is the one explained in Site mapping. The collection url is the following:


    With the minRating parameter you will get only the reviews above the specified rating. You can also set the parameter order to specify the ordering of the returned review:

  • content (default)
  • rating
  • date
  • contacts

    Only the GET method over the collection url is allowed. In order to manage the reviews you should use the sites collection (Sites management).

    Service details is a premium feature, please refer to this page for more info.