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Featured site - deprecated

*** This method is no longer available

Featured site

    Featured site provides a daily recommendation. The recommended services are chosen randomly between the services with both reviews and photos. The API will return the same site for a given category and locality for 24 hours, and return a different service the next day.


     You will get a feed with one single entry with the service details.

     Only the GET method is allowed.

     Example: http://api.11870.com/api/v2/featured-site?category=restaurantes&as=/es/madrid

     Append the parameter alt=json to get the results in JSON as in:


Area Slug

    Area slugs uniquely identify administrative geodivisions. Example values for this parameter could be: "/es/madrid", "/us/new-york"

Category or attribute

    11870.com defines a closed set of categories and attributes, which are accessible at:



    Categories are first level entries in the 11870 taxonomy (like restaurant) while attributes are second level entries nested under categories (like italian restaurant).

    Both category and attribute cannot be used in the same query, in that case only the attribute parameters will be taken into account.