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Getting the check-in data

    11870.com allows to query for the check-ins made by a user or in a place, and also allows applications granted by a user to create new check-ins for that user. To get the list of check-ins you must access one of the following urls:



    The first url gives the check-ins made by a user and the second url gives the check-ins made in one place. In both cases the check-ins are ordered starting with the most recent. The mapping of the returned objects is the one explained in Check-in mapping.

Making a new check-in

     The creation of check-ins has a REST interface. In order to make a new check-in the following url must be called with the POST method and the following parameters:


  • siteSlug: the service slug to make the check-in
  • latitude: latitude given by the phone
  • longitude: longitude given by the phone

    If the check-in has been succesfully made a 204 code will be returned.

    Remember that this requests should be properly signed with OAuth.