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    The following elements have been added to the oos namespace to give information about the site where the check-in has been made:
  • slug
  • telephone
  • subdependentlocality
  • dependentlocality
  • locality
  • subadministrativearea
  • country

    The area elements (the last 5) have an attribute with the area slug and its content is the area name.

    The geoRSS extensions are also used to give geolocation information about the service.

Mapping table

11870 attribute Atom mapping Comments
service name
atom:title The name of the place where check-in has been made

user url in 11870
atom:link (rel="alternate")
Service url in 11870.com
service url in 11870
atom:link (rel="service")
User url in 11870.com
service slug

service telephone

service subdependentlocality
oos:subdependentlocality In Spain this represents neighbourhoods
service dependent locality
oos:dependentlocality In Spain this represents districts
service locality
oos:locality In Spain this represents cities or towns
service subadministrativearea
oos:subadministrativearea In Spain this represents provinces
service country
oos:country In Spain this represents Spain :-)
service location georss:where GeoRSS field, giving geolocalization information (latitude and longitude) about the service.
number of checkinsoos:countProvides the total number of checkins made at a place
facebookoos:facebook True if the checkin was made in using facebook instead of 11870.com 
Maximum "checker"oos:maxVisitor True is the entry corresponds to the person with more checkins in the service 


<entry xmlns:georss="http://www.georss.org/georss" xmlns:app="http://www.w3.org/2007/app" xmlns:oos="http://11870.com/api/oos">
  <title type="text">11870.com</title>
  <link href="http://11870.com/peralta" rel="alternate"/>
  <link href="http://11870.com/pro/11870" rel="service"/>
  <oos:subdependentlocality slug="/es/madrid/centro/cortes">Barrio de las Letras (Cortes)</oos:subdependentlocality>
  <oos:dependentlocality slug="/es/madrid/centro">Centro</oos:dependentlocality>
  <oos:locality slug="/es/madrid">Madrid</oos:locality>
  <oos:subadministrativearea slug="/es/madrid-provincia">Madrid provincia</oos:subadministrativearea>
  <oos:country slug="/es">Espa&#xF1;a</oos:country>
  <georss:where xmlns:gml="http://www.opengis.net/gml">
      <gml:pos>40.4167866 -3.698385</gml:pos>