APHS Book Club

Welcome to the 2015 APHS Book Club
Twitter Account: @APBookclub


The Aplington Parkersburg High School Book Club 
loves to read books.  This year we have 46 members and the number keeps rising!  
We are very proud of our book club

Book Club @ MockingJay       

Starting in October, the Book Club will read books from the APHS Battle of the Books List - See:  https://sites.google.com/site/aphslibrary/aphs-book-club/battle-of-the-books-1

(Teams made up of 4-6 members will compete against each other in April or May - overall they will answer roughly 300 questions over the books they read)

The Book Club attends movies based on books:
Movies we have seen together include;
The Hobbit
Hunger Games, Catching Fire
(*We will see Mockingjay this Fall at the theater)
Twilight (All the movies)
A Fault in The Stars
We enjoy discussing the difference between the books and the movies

To Sign up for the Battle of The Books: Click On
Blind Date With A Book

Book Club Decorated Kothe Library for Fall 11/05/14