Memories of Recurrent Echoes

Know who you are

It is better to know who you are and be alone, than to have people know you at the price of losing your identity. Better be disliked and free than loved and imprisoned.




  The more you know yourself, the less you need to seek out others; the less you know yourself, the more you need to seek out others.




  When someone vitiates himself with what is beyond him, he ends up a slave to what he had invested in. And when, or if one day, this stimulus stops giving him satisfaction, then trouble begins.




  A man who knows who he is, acts and speaks a free language without any pretext or hidden agendas. A man with an enslaved heart speaks a rusty language equal to the chains he tied around him along the years.




  He who knows who he is acts fearlessly and without pretexts. He is the one who holds healthy convictions about what is good and just. He knows his role in the universe and he has much closer relationship with the Supreme Being than those who think they own some form of semi-divine office. He holds reality in hand and has achieved a harmonious control and balance with himself and with the Divine. He needs no laws, for he himself is the law, but he is never abusive.


Truth belongs to no one, for it is distributed in small doses in everybody’s heart, as is the air in everybody’s lungs.





  Truth is open to research, and research is derived from the intelligence God has regaled us with, so that we may understand Him better. It is when we look around us, at the beauty of nature, at the wonders of the universe that we discover the true universal religion. It is only there that the Christian, the Jew, the Moslem, the Hindu and other religious sects will be able to lift up their heads and feel spiritually the same.




  The world’s greatest sweetness is not manufactured by some huge and complex machine, but by a tiny insect, just like the greatest truth does not come out of some great philosopher’s mouth, but rather from the mouth of a small child.


The true significance of religion is self-understanding to be thus able to understand others. When you manage to understand something you cannot help but love what you have understood.




  Christ is an eternal poem full of love and compassion; a sweet, innocent poem supposedly understood by all. But religion has added too many superfluous modifications and punctuations to this poem throughout the ages, to the point of rendering it dissonant, pedantic, and robbed it of its true significance.





 Why should everyone seek God only through the opaque window of religion, if heaven has given some individuals the faculty and the privilege of seeing the Divine eye to eye straight from their own roofs?


Faith is like a maestro who conducts this orchestral intellect of ours and who avoids acoustic dissonances.




  Faith is the echo of truth, a truth that needs no proof to manifest itself if not by that echo that is heard in the heart of whoever wants to hear the voice of the Supreme Being.




  Faith is like a stream that finds its way even in that wilderness of discouragement; for as a river leads to the ocean, so is faith, a faith that leads us to the bosom of the Eternal Spirit, before Him in whom, all things rest.

The importance of Man

Nobody is actually useless, even he who declares himself a good-for-nothing, for the most important thing in life is not one’s final stage of arrival, but his presence in relation to others. Man is the representation of the Eternal, and thus every human being is a deserving ambassador of the Supreme Being.




  There is nothing more beautiful than an honest smile. A small child’s smile can melt the heart of the most cruel man on earth. It can offer hope to those who do not have it, a future where there is only the past, and love where only hatred thrives. A sincere smile is the visible identity of a pure-hearted person. It is the voice of God’s spirit on the lips of him who is pure at heart.




  Real beauty has no intricacies; this manifests itself when we empty our hearts of sheer artificiality.




  Perfection is not always better than imperfection. Michelangelo’s David is considered a perfect masterpiece, but does this make him greater than his sculptor? They were professional men who built the Titanic, which ended in the ocean’s depths, but on the other hand, they were only amateurs those who built Noah’s Ark which saved humanity.


Fame leads you nowhere unless to create a precedent; that precedent which makes you preserve fame at the price which becomes its own slave. And when notoriety becomes commonplace, then you have to see what can be done to restore it. This sets you on a frenetic run which leaves you breathless.




Fame is nothing but a parasite which thrives on whoever tends it.


Everybody claims to be right. Everything is debatable where the exigencies of human beings are concerned.




It is the art of persuasion that gives one reason to believe that he may be right or wrong. By eloquence you can belie reality as much as you can the contrary.





Who is he who preaches truths or falsehoods if not according to the interpretation and the slant of his own faith?


Change is nothing but an illusory result of the same thing experienced yesterday attired in a new garb.


The greatest miracle was not the passage of the Jews across the Red Sea, but when from the shore of his pride, Man crosses over to the shore of humility. The greatest miracle was not the change of water into wine, but when our nature changes into a spiritual supplication before the Divine.




  There is no man on earth who does not have his own Wailing Wall against which to lament his past. We all have our remorse. These wounds are painful, but although these wounds sometimes never heal, their very presence makes us more sensitive to others.




 There is a great difference between a man who chooses to be disobedient in the name of love, and one who obeys because he does not love.




  Christ said that there is no greater love than dying for others. This is true. But sometimes, there is no greater love than staying alive for the sake of others.


The more you understand Nature’s voice the more you understand the voice of the Divine. Treasure silence so that you can hear the daimon yourself, for this is the mouthpiece between heaven and earth, the interpreter of what is to be and shall be done.

He who looks at life with respect

Always see that you adapt to people’s needs. He who looks at the mountain (life) with respect will lead others to its peak; for, what is the use of conquering it if you have no one to celebrate the event with? That is life, for Man does not live by himself alone, but by the simple people that surround him.


If you are a secret…

Be of help to others without letting them know about it, for you should know that Man believes only in coincidences. There are no secrets whatsoever in this world; these are nothing but lack of consciousness that faces humanity. If a secret exists, it is yourself.




  You should never hide a secret from people’s eyes, but display it before them. In this way, nobody gets to know about it; you should do this for the good of all.




  It is fair that you relate fables and fantastic stories to children so they can thus understand truth according to their relative innocence. And you should do with adults, too, knowing that these prefer the incredible to the truth.




  Be careful, for light hurts more than darkness and humanity has always preferred darkness. Light has always been crucified. Know, then, when you have to act and when you have to stay in the dark, for humanity learns only from what it is predisposed to learn.