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Nathan Nobis, Ph.D.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.- Martin Luther King, Jr. ('48)


Philosophy & Religion Department, Sale Hall
830 Westview Drive SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30314
404-825-1740 cell (redirect URL) 

Research and teaching interests:

  • applied and practical ethics: bioethics, ethics & animals, abortion;.
  • critical thinking / argument analysis in ethics;
  • ethical theory;
  • intersections of ethics/meta-ethics/value theory and epistemology;
  • science and values;
  • philosophy, critical thinking and psychotherapy.




Some new things and things in progress:

Dissertation (2005): Truth in Ethics and Epistemology: A Defense of Normative Realism
Synopsis: I argue that common reasons to think that no moral judgments are true suggest that epistemic judgments, e.g., that some belief is rational, justified or should be held, are not true either. I argue that these epistemic anti-realisms are rationally unacceptable and that the major premises that entail them are false. Thus, I undercut the case against moral realism, which rests on these premises. Chapters:
1. Moral & Epistemic Realisms
2. Defending Epistemic Deontologies
3. Ayer and Stevenson's Ethical and Epistemological Emotivisms
4. Hare's Epistemological Universal Prescriptivism
5. Mackie's Epistemic Nihilism
6. Harman's Epistemic Relativism
7. Contemporary Moral and Epistemic Irrealisms

Articles & Presentations:
  • "'Coulda', 'Woulda', 'Shoulda' Arguments in Animal Ethics" (in preparation)

Commentaries & letters:
Other writings:

Courses and teaching / advising materials: