Operation Heart

Every 38 seconds, an American dies from cardiovascular disease (CVD). While overall mortality rates have declined over the last decade, CVD remains the cause of 1 out of every 3 American deaths—nearly 1.5 times the mortality of all cancers combined. However, the most alarming statistic is that many of these deaths could have been prevented.

Pharmacists remain the public’s most accessible health care provider and therefore play a significant role in the screening, prevention, and management of CVD. Studies have shown that collaboration between pharmacists and physicians result in better control of hypertension and can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular events. As future health care professionals it is our job to become advocates for our patients and address the rising number of CV events in today’s population. Through participation in Operation Heart, student pharmacists will work in their communities to encourage lifestyle modifications, monitor associated risk factors, and provide education about smoking cessation and medications for heart disease.

Operation Heart was launched as an official APhA-ASP National Care project in 2010. During the first six month reporting cycle 36,244 patients were screened, 1,847,369 educated and 42,008 received wellness services all by student pharmacists! APhA-ASP recognizes each chapter that implements an Operation Heart program in their community. In addition, 1 Chapter from each of the 8 APhA-ASP regions and 1 national winner are recognized during the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition at the APhA-ASP Opening General Session, and in Student Pharmacist magazine.

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February: American Heart Month

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