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Christmas Tree Bill

Informal nomenclature for a bill on the Senate floor that attracts many, often unrelated, floor amendments. The amendments which adorn the bill may provide special benefits to various groups or interests.
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Informal Definition/Use

 a political term referring to a bill that attracts many, often unrelated, floor amendments. A Christmas tree bill consists of many options.
The bailout bill was also known as the Christmas Tree Bill



"Bailout Christmas Tree Bill" by Lance Ciepiela . Source: Link

The bill known as the bailout option or way for Wall Street and many business to take an out. This has transformed into the name of the Christmas Tree Bill.
"The bill has become, in other words, something almost unrelated to the business of bailing out Wall Street. The Beltway term for this is a "Christmas tree bill," meaning everyone gets to hang their favorite spending projects on it--though by the time Congress gets it through, it more closely resembles a slop bucket. "


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