How to Set up a Googlemail Account

This address

You only need one Googlemail address and password to get using all the stuff that's in Google.

For instance, the email address for this site is  -  - and when I log in with it I can get all the Google services - including this website  - for free!  Please note that if you are not currently working with the Glasgow Volunteer Centre you will not be able to use the above email address.

You need your own address and  password to be able to use a Google account.  So let's get started!


Google have started asking people who apply for a new email address to supply a mobile phone number.  When you give them the number they will send you a code that you type into a box in the browser.  When you have done this your new email address will become available.

Make up your own address

Start thinking of an address that you and others can remember.  Practice on a piece of paper first before you go to the set up page.  Use a mixture of numbers and letters.  Think of something that you can live with.

What's wrong with Jamsey's first effort?

What about this one?

Much better!

Make up a password

Now your password.  No one should know this apart form you! 

Can you remember an old telephone number?  Or a street where you used to live?  Use a mixture of numbers and letters, and keep it short.  You need something that you can remember.

Jamsey's first effort:
No good!  Someone will work it out!

What about this?:


This is his phone number from when he was a child - and he lived on the High Street, so 'high' is fine as he can remember it quite easily.

Now make up your own!

Write it down on a piece of paper for now and hide it somewhere -  but destroy it once you've memorised it!

Sign up for Googlemail - here we go!

    - right click here and open this link in a new page or new tab

- find the word 'mail' on the top menu and left click

- at the bottom right you'll see something like 'create and account' - left click that

- the next page is where you put in all your information.

It's pretty clear what you are supposed to do now. 
You can just follow the instructions on the Google page or keep your eye on the notes in the box below.

Type in your email address.  Google will tell if it is available as an address.  if it isn't you will have to go back to your piece of paper and make up a new one.

Then type in your password.  Google will tell you if it's any good.
Type it in again.

Unclick 'remember me on this computer'
If you are working on your computer at home you might now want relatives to read your email (would you let them read your letters?).

Leave 'webhistory' enabled.  It can be really useful.

The rest is easy:  choose the United Kingdom and then type in the word in green into the box you might need to do this s couple of times
NOTE:  I think this is where they ask you for your phone number.  If you ahve alreadt given it then you should have recieved a message back on your phone.

Ready to go! 
This is the big moment.
Click on the 'I accept create my account' box.
If Google thinks your address and/or passwords are no good they will tell you

You are now in The Google Cloud!