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Apex Evolution Nexus is the hub of our organization where we explain about our sites & what we do. We work in compliance with other sites ensuring a safe environment World-wide along side Our affiliates & partners site's. Those of whom we promote, are in business with or just in general sites we want to learn from & share with others all over the World. Sites we promote or Stumbleupon are added to our sites. We thank you for browsing our site/s. It's all about the business, we love it! 
Science & technology promoter's. Our studies & research include the following: 

Economic geology, Mining geology, Petroleum geology, Engineering geology, Environmental geology, Geochemistry, Geological modelling, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Historical geology, Hydrogeology, Mineralogy, Paleontology, Petrology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Structural geology, Volcanology.  In addition: We are 
Account manager's Archivers  & Business start-up organization. We are 
Editor's, Environmental Scientist's, Geologists Maths tutor'sPublisher's, Historians, Research specialist's, Volcanologists, Web site design team's. 

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Apex Evolution Advertising was started to provide an outlet to the Individuals/Businesses/Groups that follow our social media sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. We provide free advertising to all who follow our accounts (even some we follow) All information gathered is of the utmost importance to us & we will never disclose any data to third parties. 

Geology Advocate Dean Boyland is a single dad & his greatest accomplishment if asked: Is raising his daughter from birth. In his eyes there is no better feeling than to be there always for his little Girl. ( All original Artwork/Designs on our sites are designed & published by Abigail Boyland ) A Science geek Dean is: Self-employed as Website designer, Recruiting agent, Business start-up advisor, Maths tutoring online & basic Book-keeping. He runs several non-profit Business start-up & recruiting site’s, social media sites, Educational sites. With over 100 verified affiliates & partners while building a client list of successful start-ups in the business sector. Also expanding his construction trade skills/knowledge when he can. Any earnings are placed back into funding his non-profit businesses. 
We are a recruitment/business start-up organization, web site design team.  
We specialize in Advertising, Promotions, Networking, Online business apps, Traffic Optimization, Online business marketing, 
Marketing, Recruitment, Apps, Widgets, Website design, Facebook apps, Linkedin, Advertising, Promotions, Networking, business, Public relations, Facebook, Twitter, Wix, Pinterest, Flikr, Instagram, SEO, Analytics, Gadgets, Technology, Sciences & much more related to the business sector. Follow our twitter, Facebook & all other social media outlets to go straight on our site's! 


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Having worked in construction trade since leaving school, hard graft for very little pay while agencies reaped the rewards. When seeing how little the sector valued honest, hard working people. We decided to start our own recruiting agency that would never profit more than the recruit. However, this snowballed and we now have a Marketing team, business start-up team, Our partner's at Apex Evolution Plus ( which is still in the development stages) Are building an SEO team along with our Multi-service's department so as to bring the very best online services to any small business for an extremely reasonable price. Handling all the day to day paperwork involved with running a business online, all stored in a nice neat folder in our vault. We at the organization are proud of our work hope any small business will be proud to display our name on their website. Updates to follow. 

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Escape Artist Industries Promotes Garvel Clyde Limited.

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Our Free Advertising to small/Start-up businesses only!
Simply follow our twitter account for free advertising forever. Send any relevant information to the account below. If you do not want to be on any of our sites, please let us know in some way. Just send a tweet or message on Facebook. Thank you! 

We have 15 years valuable knowledge in the construction sector and we at the company know we can provide a better service than most of the recruiting companies out there. Having worked through the trades, we can appreciate just how undervalued members of the construction trade are. Alongside our recruiting team is business start up advice teams, book keepers offering advice and support, social media based website designers have one goal in mind and that is to never profit from a company when employing a recruit for them, we simply ask to donate whatever they feel is adequate, no donation is fine, we only want the best for the future of our recruits. Feel free to join our team, we look forward to all applicants. Thank you in advance,

Apex Evolution Recruitment

We aim to provide the best one on one recruiting, with all the latest technology we have at our disposal, like Audio/media CV’s, video CV’s Business plans, basic Book keeping skills, using a wide array of social networking site’s.
Offering support in unemployment and encouraging our recruits to start up their own business in whatever sector they choose, run by our business start up team.

Striving to be the recruiting company that does not profit more than the recruit.

Environmental minded in all aspects of work we undertake and never use companies that cause harm to environment for profit.
Apex Evolution Recruitment will focus on providing the best service to the abilities we have at our disposal to ensure full time employment. Using our members to ensure a satisfactory unique experience with our company. Honesty to and respect for our recruits is of the utmost importance.

Written, Edited & Published by Abigail Boyland