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Request to join (APPLY)

   It's important that all clans have rules. it's important to the          
   structure of all clans. as long as you follow the rules nothing      
   bad will happen to you if you break them there will be punishment READ
2. like/follow our Facebook & Twitter
    It's a great way to get in contact with the leaders of the clan
    fast, Easy, and get news. Twitter Facebook
*3. Join us on these sites
    3.1 Clan Reviews its a site where you & the clan get                         
          rewarded by being active on the site
    3.2 Elite that's how you get the gold clan tag for call of duty
    3.3 Top100clans vote us to the top everyday :)
4. Bookmark the site
    Simply hit ctrl+D  
*5. Add APEX_TGT and or Mojojojo10114
APEX_TGT is the leader of the clan and Mojojojo10114 is in charge of leading new recruits.