World War One


Do you agree with his assertions regarding:
  • How the war starts?
  • Who is responsible for the war?
Come with an opinion and be ready to comment on what you think and what John Green believes?

The Youtube Channel - the Great War - does a week by week summary of the entirety of the war as it occurs.  The channel premiered in July of 1914 commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the war.  Click here to see what happened during each week of the year.

            The Great War

    #1 How do new technologies confound traditional            

     military strategies and lead to mass casualties? 

    #2 How does military stalemate and total war lead to 

    protest, insurrection, and revolution? 

    #3 How does the war in Europe spread to non-European 

    theaters, specifically the Arab Revolt , Armenian 

    Genocide , and Japanese aggression in the Pacific and 

    Chinese mainland?

    #4 How does the war shift the relationship between 

    Europe and the world? 

    #5 How does the war shift the social hierarchy?

In groups, create a five part infographic through the link below that succinctly answers the questions above with evidence and graphics (maps, propaganda posters, charts, graphs, etc). Sign up for a free account and select a theme for your infographic. 

Use the following sites to find important info to help you answer the questions

    - 15 legacies of WWI 

    - WWI and the British Aristocracy

    - 10 Bloodiest battles of WWI

example of one created for Treaty of Versailles attached below

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Mar 4, 2014, 8:24 AM