19th Century Liberalism and Conservatism

Using the slide above,  ALONE OR IN PAIRS, research one of the 19th century flash-points below and visually/symbolically create a visual that answers the following.  TRY TO CHOOSE ONE THAT CONFUSED YOU AND PAIR UP WITH SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTOOD - clarity emerges from taking a closer look with another:  

ID (Who, what, when, where) and SIG - does this represent a conservative victory, liberal victory, or a compromise?

  1. Bourbon Restoration (1814) - Abeer
  2. Carlsbad Decrees (1819) - Aethreya
  3. Peterloo Massacre (1819) - Annalise/Cassie
  4. Naples Revolt (1820) - Nick
  5. Spanish Revolt (1820) - Maggie
  6. Greek Revolt (1821) - Brooklyn/Hannah
  7. Decembrist Revolt (1825) - Justin/Abhi
  8. Latin American Wars of Independence (1804-1824) - Abel/Sai
  9. Serbian Independence (1830) - Evan
  10. Belgian Independence (1830) - Duncan/Jack
  11. July Revolution of 1830 - Jackson
  12. Polish Uprising (1830) - Ana/Amulya 
  13. Great Reform Bill of 1832 - Rameen
Your poster should be creative and contain more symbolic representation than words.  Think of creating a political piece of propaganda that displays the ideals of the political philosophy as related to the flashpoint.  Below is a simple image from the 2008 US Presidential Campaign. NOTE: you will most likely need more than one word to display all that you need to accomplish this task. 

Gallery walk all 13 posters.  Take notes in a Venn diagram.  Place each of the flashpoints in the appropriate circle.  What trends do you notice in the data?  Think geography, chronology, demography, history, economics, etc.