Potato Cannon Selection



                                        When using\shooting with a potato cannon :



- ALWAYS USE EAR and EYE Protection and GLOVES is also nice!

- If playing with FIRE, ALWAYS have something to put the fire out with, WATER or FIRE EXTINGUISHER.

- DONT USE the wrong kind of materials for a potato cannon. Get to know what kind of stuff is the

   right stuff.


And remember that I dont take any responsibility for what other people do with the info on my website or if you get hurt or hurt other people. If you dont know what you are doing, DONT DO IT :)

Here is a list of my Potato Cannons, This is how i made my cannons. check out tutorials down below.


- Potato Cannon Tutorial - Video 1 and Video 2

- Potato Cannon Tutorial Download : Video 1 - Video 2

- Gasoline / Molotov Ammo

- Advanced Potato Cannon (Rifle look)

- Big Monster Potato Cannon

  • #10 How to make a Potato Cannon Tutorial Video     (Advanced Combustion) (Finally its here) :)

          Tutorial Video 1          -           Tutorial Video 2

          Download Video 1        -           Download Video 2

    (Advanced Version with chamber fan, 3 sparks, hairspray holder, new holder for spark igniter and with laser dot to aim with)

  • #5 - PVC/PP/Metal, Glass Marbles Combustion Gun made by TheBuG and cL0n. 75 mm chamber, 40 cm long incl muffs and transitions. 18 mm barrel (3/4"), from the chamber i have a 75-32mm transition and from there is a threaded transition to a metal transition that has another transition to the 3/4" pipe :)
  • #4 - PVC/PP, BIG Combustion Cannon "BCC-160" measuring: 75mm (2,5m) barrel, 2x 75mm 90 degree bends, 75-160mm transition and the combustion chamber is over a meter long in 160mm PVC pipe. its a monster and ive crushed 5cm thick flag stone, made splinter of a 2"3 pole, shoot through walls (15mm panel, 2x 13mm drywall + isolation) with it!
  • #3 - PVC/PP cannon with chamber fan and a rifle-look. with a new system for trigger, 2 sparks
  • #2 - PVC/PP cannon with chamber fan, new handle and 2 ventilation holes,front and back,2 spraks, and a removable barrel with a fast lock system (coming up in the future)
  • #1- PVC/PP,110 mm wide,600 mm long chamber with 150 cm long barrel,electric batteri ingitor