TheBuG`s Specification and contact info

Handyman-Pc Nerd-Springboard Jumper-Biker-Retro Game Collector-Old School MoH:AA Gamer

            This is me ...

  • Born - November 1980
  • Live in Norway 
  • Eye color - Brown
  • Height - 173 cm
  • Weight - 75 kg 
  • Occupation - Carpenter
  • Email : apethebug at gmail dot com
  • MSN : apethebug at gmail dot com
  • Hobbies - Cycle, Pc, Retro Game Collecting, music, anime, Nippon
  • Music I like -  2 Ton Predator, 3rd Strike, 36 Crazyfists, 40 Below Summer, A Change of Pace, 

          A Love Ends Suicide, Arch Enemy, As We Fight, Arise, Atreyu, Becoming The Archetype,

          Bleed The Sky, Blindside, Breach Of Trust, Breed 77. Bullet For My Valentine, Caliban, Chimaira,

          Construcdead, Crosscut, Damageplan, Dark Tranqillity, Disturbed, Dry Kill Logic, Ektomorf,

         Element Eighty, Fear Factory, Five Pointe 0, Flaw, FR8, Funeral For A Friend, God Forbid,

          Gunmetal Grey, Haste, Haste The Day, Headplate, Heaven Shall Burn, Himsa, Hoobastank,

          Illdisposed, Immortal, Killswitch Engage, Lilitu, Machine Head, Maroon, Mnemic, Mudvayne,

          Mushroomhead, Nightrage, Nirvana, Norther, Nothingface, One Minute Silence, Pantera,

          Papa Roach, Passenger, Prodigy, Rage Against The Machine, Raunchy, Selpultura, Sevendust,

          Shadows Fall, Soilwork, Soulfly, Steep, Story Of The Year, Strapping Young Lad, Switched,

          Sworn Enemy, The Hurt Process, The Used, Trivium, Unearth, Urkraft, Yyrkoon, In Flames,

          Media Lab,  Mendeed, Yyrkoon, Bleeding Through, Last Day Dying, Steep, The Fall Of Eden,

          Mygrain, A Dozen Furies, Catract, Cannae, Do or Die, A Dozen Furies, It Dies Today,

          Misery Signals, The Arcane Order, Endrone, Exit Ten, Before The Dawn, Himsa, Limp Bizkit,

          Nonpoint, Scars Of Tomorrow, Slipknot, Still Remains,

  • Music i Liked \ Listened to - Michael Jackson, Boney M, KoRn, Phil Collins, Trance, Tommy Tee
  • Games i like -  Metal Gear, Medal Of Honor Allied Assault, Half-Life 2, Far Cry, Gran Turismo,

          Worms, Gradius V, Super Mario, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Starcraft, Diablo, Command and

          Conquer, Probotector, Zelda, Shadow Warrior, Bomberman