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18 December 2008



4 November 2008.

Bouth myself a Bergans Ally Canoe yesterday :) Its a collapsible canoe that weighs 20 kg. Next up is all the extra gear. Cant wait for spring to come :)

13 September 2008.

So I finally got the time to make a "How to make a Potato Cannon" tutorial video. it is 20 min long so i had to split it into 2 videos on youtube. The tutorials is for my normal size cannon.

Potato Cannon Tutorial Episode 1

Potato Cannon Tutorial Episode 2

You can also download the videos here:

Potato Cannon Tutorial Episode 1 download

Potato Cannon Tutorial Episode 2 download


Remember to be careful when choosing materials for your cannon and use eye and ear protection when building and shooting the cannon :)

31 August 2008.

Summervacation over 1 month ago and nothing serious going on. came up with the idea to make a Potato Cannon bloopers video. might be fun to gather up all the "DOH!`s" and make a little vid. But you know.. as professional as i am i aint got many bloopers. EHEM! "Irony" :P

OH and i bought myself a new Samsung 40" 6-serie Lcd TV for my pc room so i can play xbox360,ps3 and nes and snes on it :P

27 June 2008.

So finally summervacation. i think i got everything with me.   BTW: Potato Cannon Firebomb Tutorial up at my youtube channel. check it out with the youtube link to the left.

So yeah. summervacation. got my bike, climbing gear, bicycle, ds, psp, creative zen:m 30gb, casio ex-f1, sony hdr sr12e and potato cannon with me and im leaving for my dad tomorrow.

So write you all in X days :D

17 June 2008.

NEW VIDEO! Yesterday i made a new Potato Cannon video with firebombs. GRG and me was out this weekend and shot some more and i recorded it all with my new highspeed photocamera.


12 June 2008.

YAY! Today i got a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns Of The Patriots for the Playstation 3.. no wait, i got 2 copies and a third on the way in the mail =P. yeah i know, i got thing for collecting games and i also got this love for the metal gear solid serie so i always gotta have a factory sealed copy, its a disease i got from eBay.

Oh and i also bought a Sony HDR-SR12E Camcorder with 120 gb harddrive. records full hd and has a nice slow motion feature! :) except from the wind noise (which i will fix with a external mic) the camera is awesome! ohhh, i think the mgs4 install is complete!

12 May 2008.

Bought myself a new Photo Camera this weekend.  Casio Elixim Pro EX-F1. Its a 6 megapixel camera with 12x optical zoom but the main reason i bought it is because you can record movies with it in 1920x1080 resolution and you can take movies that has a framerate of 60,300,600 and 1200 pictures per second! :D Expect some cool videos up in the future. i have one test video of a friend of mine thats shaking his face in front of the camera. Now i`ll try to make some more on my potato cannon tutorial section. 7 weeks left till summer vacation \o/ Next year i`ll try to get 3 months of vacation. Try to cycle Norway from bottom to top. 2600 km or more :)

12 April 2008.

Hey all, I`m working on a new potato cannon now. Its the handheld rifle look cannon with fan inside the chamber and 3 sparks. im recording and taking pictures along the way and are planning on making a tutorial video of it :) 


12 March 2008.

My latest and greatest Potato Cannon Video is up on YouTube. Check it out here : >Watch Video<

17 January.

Bought a new PC today. So finally i can play some new cool games with sweet graphics :)

- Cabinet : Antec Nine Hundred
- CPU : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
- MotherBoard : Asus Maximus Formula, X38
- Video Card : Gainward GeForce 8800GT 1GB
- Memory : Corsair TWIN2X 6400PRO DDR2 2048MB
- PSU : Chill CP-520A4 520W, 140mm fan, ATX/EPS

2 January.

So im almost finnished moving to my new place with my girl :) Im loggin off for the last time at my old home and will be online on my new home somewhere around 9 January.. hopefully :) ADSL2+ 12mbit FTW!

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25 Desember.

Merry Chris... Pff, screw that! :P . Im off to my dad in the search for more stunts in the montains (maybe some new video soon). Came across a kickass metalcore band called :

All That Remains <-- check it out, push the link

11 November.

Made a new middle size cannon this weekend and i have a picture of it right here, Kinda thought of a friggin good name for it too since it shoots apples :D


New video of my biggest cannon shooting 1 liter firebombs is up on youtube. this is only a small preview. will tape some more explotions :)

5 September.

Update on my lates potato cannon in the Potato Cannon Stuff section to the left.

10 Juni

Well, Time goes by pretty fast. I`ve put up a video on Youtube with my latest potato cannon shootings. Still working on a video with 1 liter firebombs. I got some video allready but want to get more action before i put together a new video. Its now 4 weeks till my summervacation and I think im gonna start with going to my dads place and take things from there. Im also planning a trip down to Kragerø to do some rope stunts there. and well i had a bicycle trip in mind too but :P plans never goes planned and i dont like stress either so therefore i`ve become an impulsive guy. The weather here in Norway has been exeptional the last week. an average of +25c in the shadow.. cant wait for bathing and fun when summervacation comes!

Have fun everyone and check in from time to time!

8 April 2007

Yupp, so im now home from a vacation at my dads place. me, my brother and my dad made a railway-rope-stunt which i have some pictures from in the picture section at the left and i also made a video, the ropestunt was 160m long and 60m high. Made in Rendalen, Norway:



(Wallpapers i made from the "babe of the day jan 6, 2007" from WWW.ACTIONTRIP.COM) And I got my Norrøna Finnskogen pants today (6th January) , ordered a Samsung 40" LCD TV, got my Metal Gear Solid games to PSP, bought climbing gear for my dad and bought myself a pair of gore-tex gloves, CHACHING! $$$ :)

1 January 2007

Hey, extracted some sound effects from Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance for the PC today. Thought some of the sounds would be cool to have on my cellphone, check out the Sounds Section

And i also made a MGS4 picture for my Sony Ericcson W800i.

31 December

Made a cool soundclip out of a fun sound Adam Savage made during season 3 episode 11 "Flatulence" He is sitting in a bathtub trying to catch a fart inside a test tube, once contained he makes a boat\submarine sound, "We have flatulence contained, Auuuah auuuah auuuuah" here is the: soundclip

30 December


25 December

So today i`m off to dad with lots of stash. Kinda sad cause I got a shipment mail from that told me my Nintendo Wii is on its way so when i`m at my dads place the Nintendo is gonna just haft to wait for me :) anyhow..

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

17 December

So not much to write about, I`ve been working so much that i havent had time to shoot any potatoes so nothing new there. Or maybe :) i attached Laser-dot-sights to my marble and one of my potato cannons, it works rather well too :) I completed Gears Of War today, not the longest game i`ve played but hell it was entertaining. Its 1 week left and i got holliday vacation. Im going to my dads place so i guess i`ll get some more video then, shooting potatoes or burning stuff :P I`ve updated the "Games Collection" section (bought some more games) :) Oh well...

18 November

Lets see ... Yesterday i bought a Xbox 360 and the game Gears Of War. I got the dolby digital 5.1 sound working today and its something else compared to the dual stereo i run when i play video\games on my soundsystem. so now im off to the store again to buy a new wire that will be able to send hd resolutions to my projector :) and a second wireless hand control. I also bought a new Leatherman Multitool yesterday "Charge X" great tool mhm. and oh yeah on the 16th it was my birthday so happy birthday to me (^^,) twentysixyearsold.

4 November

New potatocannon destruction video here . It`s a test\bet from work. a standard wall that i shot through with my biggest potatocannon with a big potato ;)

17 October

New Potato Cannon video of my BCC-160 cannon. the ammo i used was coca cola tin cans with gasoline in them. OHYEAH! Watch video here

8 October

Yet another combustion gun has been born. this one was made for shooting Glass Marbles (klinkekuler). I`ve just made it so i have no results so far but in time i will put out some info from it in the potato cannon section. the glass balls fits with only half a millimeter air around the ball and barrel. the gun is about 100-110 cm long.

2 October

Another day out with potatocannon shooting, except that this time i brought my big gun, its another PVC cannon but its dobble the size of the other cannons i got and i was able to fit canned goods inside the barrel and coca cola bottles fitted the barrel as well. here is a small video so far ->VIDEO<-

(for you having problems playing my 2 latest videos) download here (combined comunity codec pack)

1 October

T.A.D DVDs can now be ordered from the T.A.D Stunts DVD link on the left (^^,)

28 September 2006

I have updated the Potato Gun Tutorials section with info about my newest potato cannon. and i also got a new video of me destroying stuff with the potato cannon. check it out here

27 September

Hey, I am done with my T.A.D Stunts dvd which includes railwayrope stunts, bathing, cycling trips, mountain climbing, potatogun, slingshot and catapult stuff which me, my brother and my dad have had as a hobby the last 4 years or so. im trying to get a .iso of the dvd out on the web, and i have also made a new version of the potatogun (PVC) which i`ll put some pictures and tutorials out on the potatgun tutorial section in the future. if you want a copy of the T.A.D Stunts just email me and i`ll burn a dvd and send it. Cheers

30 August

So i`ve been into the potatogun makings lately. today i just finished my second version of my favorite potatogun. with 2 airholes (cola screw cork version) and 2 spark places inside the combustion chamber. havent tested it yet but will within 10 days. Click the picture to get the big version :)

5 August

So summervacation 2006 is over for me :\ well i have had fun. i made a potatogun which i will put out a video of soon and im gonna dedicate a new site to my potato gun makings :) and expect a video of a few stunts in the water and it might even come some new pictures.

27 July

I filmed some nice video of lightning :) check it out at putfile or google video

26 July

Im now done with the Rope Stunt video from my week with my dad and brother, check it out!

People are having problems with playing video from google.pages so try out my putfile and google.videos links on the videos section.

25 July

So my second week of vacation is gone, 12 days left. I was at my dads place the last week, swinging in a rope 10m above water and i went bathing alot. there will be a new video up from the railway rope stunt soon. Ordered a appointment with changing the exhaust system on my car and new summertires. A total of $1450 / Euro 1150 / NOK 9000 :\ and i also need to pay my rent for where i live, thats anoter 4500 nok and my car insurance is around the corner and i`ll bet there are some phone bills and internett bills here soon to. so from rich guy to broke guy in a few days :) oh well i got my saving account :D

15 July

So im back from my bicycletrip, 524 km, 32 hours on the seat. From Oslo to Kragerø and back. I also got a awesome video of a awesome potato gun that a friend made which im gonna replicate. check out the video here!!

and im also gonna add some more pictures. Vacation continues, going to my dad is next step :) BYE!

7 July

Its friday and finally summervacation time \o/4 Weeks with no work, 30 days with freetime. my main plan is a 1000 km cyclingtrip around in Norway, and spending the rest of my vacation with my dad. So we`ll just see how the status report comes out in the end of my vacation :)


24 June

Found a new awesome band today, well ive had the album on my hdd for some days but anyway, Exit Ten, check out their homepage here and\or check out my favorite song from the band here : Exit_Ten-The_Absence_of_Forgiveness.mp3

23 June

Got my Arkel GT-54 and T-28 Panniers today \o/ They look awesome and i tested them some and they seem to perform good as well. here`s a picture

15 June

Bought bicycle panniers last weekend, 470 Euro, 3600 nok,

12 May

New video of cL0n aka Wasa doing a insane wheelie on his bicycle! check it out here, or find it in video section

9 May

A new video made by me is out on hereis a direct link to it.

Opel Record Show Rally And Crashes

8 May

cL0n won the bidding round on a apartment today \o/, So now he can finally move out from home ^^ 1.380.000 million Norwegian Kroner FTW! GO KJETIL! It equals to : 178.000 euro or 230.000 usd. And i also pulled out 2 wisdom teeth today, it feels like im gonna choke to death :)

4 May

Added link to 257 website to a friend of mine on the left menu, he got some great videos you should check out, the main idea is to blow up stuff... people ^^ The main domain is , the link i made was just a shortcut to the fun part.

16 April

New Catapult video in video section and a MadTV Arnold Swartzneger comedy skit animation (Hiiaiii)

Im about done with this site now so check out all the media pages.

And since this song kicks ass im gonna make a link here at the

main page : Becoming The Archetype - No Fall Too Far click it to play it (mp3 streaming from putfile)