My LEGO creations

This is where you'll find the Lego models i have made.

You can also find more pictures and other stuff to do with Lego on my Lego blog here:

Here's a list of all the models i have on here:

A motorised hovercraft.

A fully controllable Technic aeroplane.

This is my motorised dragster.

This is my first attempt at a motorised helicopter.


This is a Wipeout inspired anti-gravity racer.

This is a VTOL aircraft that can also fly in space.

This is a off road vehicle that is motorized by Power Functions motors.

This is a HotRod that motorized by Power Functions motors.

This is a model of a aeroplane.

This is a motorized lift using Power Functions motors.

A civilian spaceship.

A remake of a old Star Wars space ship i made years ago.

A motorized drag-racer.

A collection of Spaceships that i've made.

All my Star Wars troops.

A mini Millennium Falcon i made. also includes pictures of it made in MLcad.

A mini Nebulon B frigate i made. Also includes pictures of in made in MLcad.

My first proper attempt at a trial truck.

and here's some of the other things you'll find here: