The basics about the Gnome system monitor

The Gnome system monitor is a program that as you may have guessed monitors your system. It has information about: running processes, computer resources, hard drive usage and basic system info. It has four tabs that we will go through. The system tab, The processes tab, The Resources tab and the file system tab. The screenshots that follow below may look a bit different to your system monitor because i’m using Ubuntu and when i did this i was using the Fluxbox desktop environment which doesn’t come as standard in a standard Ubuntu install. To start the Gnome system monitor on the Gnome desktop go to the “System” menu, then “Administration”, then “Gnome system monitor”.

First we’ll have a look at the “System” tab.

As you can see it has information about: the name of your system, the version of Ubuntu you’ve got if your using Ubuntu. If not you’ll see the version of what ever distribution you are using, the version of the Linux kernel you have, how much memory you have and what processor you have and the available disk space you have.

Next is the “Processes” tab.

The processes tab basically tell you what processes are running on your system. from here you can also stop, continue, end and kill any process that is there however i would not advise doing so as you could end up crashing your system and you wouldn’t want that now would you?

after that there is the “Resources” tab.

The resources tab shows how much resources Linux is currently using. As you can see it shows how much it’s using the processor, How much physical RAM it’s using, How much swap space it’s using and how much Internet bandwidth it’s using. When i took this screenshot the system was idle.

Last is the “File System” tab.

Here you can see what partitions you have mounted and how much space you have used. There’s information on what devices are connected and the directory their mounted too, What format the partitions are, The total size of the partitions and free, available and used space.

So that's it. All in all very useful program to have.