Vinyl Cleaning Brush

vinyl cleaning brush
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Materials for Cleaning Vinyl
Materials for Cleaning Vinyl
Cleaning solution, workspace, brushes, distilled water, soft toilet paper, an old turntable mat and a toothbrush. Oh yeah, as you can tell I use The Disc Doctors' "Miracle Record Cleaner" - some people say just a very light soapy water works but it always leaves a residue which effects surface play (that's just my experience). One other thing to note is that the table I use to work on is pretty high (it's a bistro table, la de dah). I found working on my kitchen or dining table gave me back pain from leaning over.
Dirty vinyl no longer!
Dirty vinyl no longer!
It's impressive what one of these velvet pile brushes and some isopropyl alcohol (or other proprietary solution) will pull off your records, removing annoying surface pops and clicks. "More than dusty digital", I remember reading on a DJ's shirt. I'm a bit lost on the meaning there. (And as a side note, you gotta love a record label called "Quality".)

vinyl cleaning brush
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