Clean Concrete Basement Floor

clean concrete basement floor
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clean concrete basement floor - G-Floor#174; Polyvinyl
G-Floor#174; Polyvinyl Garage Floor Protector, 8X22'
G-Floor#174; Polyvinyl Garage Floor Protector, 8X22'
G-Floor#174; Polyvinyl Garage Floor Protector, 8X22'. G-Floor Garage Floor Protector is a durable polyvinyl floor covering that hides cracks and stains in older floors, protects new floors and helps prevent concrete deterioration. Nonslip surface installs in minutes. Just roll it out and trim to fit - no messy adhesives! The ribbed pattern catches dirt, snow, oil and antifreeze and hoses clean. Provides thermal insulation, noise reduction and cushioned comfort for walking and working in garages, workshops, basements and laundry rooms. It's also a vapor barrier; moisture won't penetrate. USA. Available Colors Brick Red Forest Green Midnight Black Racing Blue Slate Gray Sandstone Sizes .05" thick 7'6" x 14'; 58 lb. 7'6" x 17'; 74 lb. 7'6" x 20'; 85 lb. 8' x 22'; 95 lb.

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a more open floor plan!
a more open floor plan!
Stage Four, continued About three-fourths of the structural support work has been finished now, and things are looking a bit more open. The furnace/air conditioner is back in place and functioning, just in time for our weather to cool down a little bit.... You can also see our shiny new air ducts. We weren't planning on having to replace those, so the bill got a little bit spendier than we expected. But it will be an improvement overall, so I guess it will be worth it (someday when we're done paying it off, that is!). We're told the next step is to pour the floor, which will involve cleaning out the garbage, tacking the electrical wires back up on to the joists, putting down 4-6 inches of pea rock, then a four-inch thick concrete floor. Can't wait!
Following the 2nd Concrete Pour
Following the 2nd Concrete Pour
I had to mix up a smaller batch of concrete to bring the big hole up to the slab grade once the receiver was set. I had left some long screws in the 1st pour to give some mechanical bold between the cold seam of the two pouring sessions. I also make a rectangular form for access to the receiver. I envision a rectangular steel plate cap with a small section of tubing to fit in the receiver if i want the floor flush, but why would i ever want to put away my bikes stand?

clean concrete basement floor
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