Actions for Forest Martyrs Day

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Commemorating the Forest Martyrs Day on 10th November


The Forest Martyrs Day is commemorated every year on 10th November. It is an occasion to salute the spirited foresters who laid down their lives while protecting the forest ecosystems of  our country.  It is on this day in the year 1991 that we lost a brave Indian Forest Service Officer Mr. P. Srinivas, who was beheaded by the notorious forest offender Veerappan in the forests of Gopinatham in Karnataka.


The commemoration event will be held at the Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad on 10th November 2009  from 10.30 am to 11-30 am.  On this occasion I urge all the Nature Lovers to do their bit to show solidarity to the efforts made by these brave green soldiers.


You can take any or all of the following activities on 10th November 2009


1)     Write about environmental issues, concerns and actions in your blog

2)     Write to the local newspaper on the need to ACT now in respect of the environmental issues that concern you the most ( for example, you can write about a water body that is under pressure  or call for an innovative initiative in improving the green cover in the state; need for promoting WOW program and inculcate recycling culture among citizens … so on and so forth)

3)     Call up the local radio (any FM channel) and share your concerns and ideas

4)     Plant a seedling in your home / neighbourhood/ park / office, etc

5)     Present a seedling  or a CFL (Compact Flourescent Lamp) to your dear friends/ relatives – even if 10th is not their birthday or wedding anniversary !

6)     Go to local School / College / social gathering and talk for  atleast      15 minutes on environmental concerns and actions that need to be taken

7)     Send SMS to atleast 10 of your friends / relatives / colleagues on any environmental action you feel strongly about

8)     Visit your neighbours house or relatives house or friends house and talk about the need for energy conservation and how they can contribute to the cause. For example, If each family in the state of Andhra Pradesh can save atleast 10 units of power every month it would translate to literally a production of 15 million units every month!

9)     Go to any blood bank and donate blood ( a fitting tribute to those foresters who have lost their lives on national duty – I for one am going to do this – it may help save another life)

10) Sign a pledge to donate body organs after death. (Cornea, Kidneys, Lungs Liver, Pancreas, etc)  Organisations like LV Prasad Eye Institute (Cornea), MOHAN foundation (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network), etc facilitate this.  Mohan foundation, Khairtabad can be contacted at ph 9392456355 ; 55369369 ; 2333 2222 ; or you may get in touch with any other similar organization.


You may consider taking any other action that is close to your heart on that day – so that it makes a difference to the way we live and becomes the next step for a better environment.



8th November 2009



P. Raghuveer IFS
Chief Conservator of Forests (Environment Cell),
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh,
Aranya Bhavan, 6th Floor,

040-23231625 (O)