Nickolas J. McDaniel, M.A.

"A Peaceful Focus"


A brief sampling of a few of his presentations and workshops

"If I Can do it, So Can YOU". Shares his story focusing on the formidable challenges overcome to find success and profound effect that has had on his life. Goal is empowerment and inspiration. Motivates audience members to consider how they can change their own life as well as the world and make their dreams their reality. Nickolas' most powerful presentation, described by audience members as both "life changing" and "life saving". 

"Female To Male Transsexualism".  Introduction to gender and transsexualism. In depth look at transition options specific to female to male (hormones, surgical options, a personal account). A 1 hour presentation aimed at those new to the concept of transsexualism, especially female to male. Powerpoint available. 

"Male Sexual Abuse". Introduction to the topic of male sexual abuse victimization, myths, Western culture's view, statistics, symptomology, how males can be sexually abused, history of treatment, treatment techniques, and also a case study. A version for helping professionals and a version for those new to the concept are both available. Powerpoint available.

"Transsexualism 101". Introduction to transsexualism, gender identity as a diagnosis, the Transgender Umbrella, potential challenges and issues transpeople face, treatment options, transition options, details on both female-to-male and male-to-female physical transition, surgical pictures, a personal account. Available in a 2-3 hour workshop or a 1 hour presentation. For helping professionals or those new to the concept of transsexualism. Powerpoint available.

"Universal Universe: An Examination of Gender & Fluidity". Discusses the gender binary system currently in use in the United States. Examines definition of "man" / "woman". Introduction to people who transgress stereotypical notions of gender, identify "outside the box", and/or who find the labels "male" or "female" in some way inadequate. Discusses effect of identifying as neither male nor female. Explores role of gender binary in oppressing women and men as well as how it perpetuates sexism. Has audience members consider the binary system and genderas a socially constructed concept and a personal identity.  Appropriate for helping professionals and those new to the concept of gender variance. Powerpoint available.

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Nickolas, Age 42