Welcome to the course website for AP Computer Science A at the BASIS Upper School. We meet daily during elective period 0 from 7:40-8:30am in Room C. Come earlier if you dare and please bring a computer with you.

Here follows a description of the various pages accessible via the menu to the left.

Home page

In case it isn't obvious, this is where you're at.

Daily class activities

On these pages are recorded links to warm-up activities, written instructions to be used in class, downloadable handouts, images we'll need to see, and the like. Sometimes follow-up material is also posted based on in-class experience. If students are ever absent, they should be sure to look here to see what they missed.

Student projects

We complete a programming assignment, a project, nearly every week. This page records our progress. Sometimes only a minimal description is included, but other times a link will be added to a handout that provides more guidance.

Course calendar

Dues dates, book chapters, quiz and test dates, and even vacations are recorded on the calendar. Whether this is a good substitute for a communication journal has yet to be seen.


Important notes from the course are placed here according to topic for quick reference. That way they will not scroll away with old activities or long lost projects.

Important links

This being a Computer Science course, we make use of plenty of online material. Much of it spans multiple daily activities. The most important links are collected on this page.

Contact information

Find out how to write, call, email, or otherwise contact the class on this page.