Engage                        Invigorate                          Transform
In this academy, teachers will use research-based strategies to strengthen their pedagogical knowledge in order to enhance their students’ conceptual understanding of biology. By focusing on integrating the Next Generation Science Standards for the life sciences, teachers will work collaboratively to analyze and enhance their current curriculum to better reflect the big ideas and unifying concepts of biology. Teachers will explore biology curriculum building, teaching practices, and assessments in the context of their upcoming school year. Working in a team with other dedicated biology instructors, participants will build a network of support for excellence and leave teachers feeling excited to expand and guide their students’ opportunities to learn biology at a deeper level.

This workshop is available to all levels of biology teachers. Registration is not limited to only high school teachers, but middle school teachers are encouraged to attend, as well. Graduate credit is available through Colorado State University.

Questions? Email Lin Andrews at lin.andrews@theindependentschool.com.