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Background Information
A neuron is a cell that receives and transmits information throughout our body. There are millions of neurons located in the central and peripheral nervous systems that work together everyday, even during our sleep, as a huge network of information. There are many neurological diseases that can effect the function of neurons. More information on neurons will help scientists furthermore understand the many neurodegenerative diseases that affect neurons. Neurodegenerative diseases greatly affect the lifespan, activity, and function of neurons. Since the discovery of neurons in 1932, scientists have been studying them ever since.

Research Questions
How do neurodegenerative diseases affect neurons?
Do neurodegenerative diseases affect neurons negatively or positively?

This picture illustrates the structure of a neuron and how a neuron receives and sends a message to other neurons. 

A neuron receiving and transmitting a signal.

A 3D ‘glass brain’ showing how neurons fire off in real-time.
Some Neurodegenerative diseases that affect the function, activity, and lifespan of neurons.