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Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
University of Colorado, Boulder.

Research areas: Noncommutative Geometry, Hegelian Philosophy, Mathematical Philosophy

E-mail address:  apat1erson@gmail.com


1. My Books

2. Recent mathematical papers (with files)

3. Recent mathematical/Hegelian philosophy research papers (with files)                       

1. My Books

Amenability, by Alan L. T. Paterson, was published in 1988 by the American Mathematical Society in their Mathematical Surveys and Monographs Series, Number 29, 452pp.. ISBN: 0-8218-1529-6. Second edition, paperback, came out in December, 2000.

Groupoids, inverse semigroups and their operator algebras, by Alan L. T. Paterson, was published in 1999 by Birkhäuser and is Volume 170 of their Series: Progress in Mathematics, 290 pp. ISBN: 0817640517.

Recent Research Papers (many with WORD/PDF files)

2. Mathematical papers 

Contractive spectral triples for crossed products, Mathematica Scandinavica 114 (2014), 275-298.   http://arxiv.org/abs/1204.4404

An operator space duality theorem for the Fourier-Stieltjes algebra of a locally compact groupoid, preprint, 2011.  http://arxiv.org/pdf/1102.0304
The stabilization theorem for proper groupoids, to appear, Houston Journal of Mathematics, 2010, 20 pages. (earlier version: gpdstab.pdf )

The E-theoretic descent functor for groupoids,  Journal of Functional Analysis 255(2008), 1458-1479.   YJFAN5323.pdf

(with A. T. Lau) Amenability properties for group actions on von Neumann algebras, Indiana University Mathematics Journal 55(2006), 1363-1388. 2787.pdf

(with Amy E. Welch) Tychonoff's theorem for locally compact space and an elementary approach to the topology of path spaces, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 133(2005), 2761-2770. tychonoff3.pdf

The equivariant analytic index for proper groupoid actions K-theory, 32(2004), 198-230. Index10.pdf

The Fourier algebra for locally compact groupoids, Canadian Journal of Mathematics 56(2004), 1259-1289. falg6.pdf

The Fourier-Stieltjes and Fourier algebras for locally compact groupoids, Contemporary Mathematics 321(2003), 233-247. memfour.pdf

Graph inverse semigroups, groupoids and their C*-algebras, Journal of Operator Theory, 48(2002), 645-662. graph.pdf

The analytic index for proper, Lie groupoid actions, Contemporary Mathematics 282(2001), 115-135. jsrc.pdf

Continuous Family groupoids, Homology, Homotopy and Applications, 2(2000), 89-104. families.pdf

(with Roger Smith)  Higher dimensional amenability for operator algebras, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 349(1997), 1919-1943.  Highamen.pdf 

Virtual diagonals and n-amenability for Banach algebras, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 175(1996), 161-185. cohom3.pdf

Invariant Mean Charaterizations of von Neumann Algebras, Indiana University Mathematics Journal, 41(1992), 233-252. invarvN.pdf                

(with A. T. Lau) Inner amenable locally compact groups, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 325(1991), 155-169. inneramen.pdf                                                                               

Invariant mean characterizations of amenable C*-algebras, Houston Journal of Mathematics, 17(1991), 551-565.  invarcs.pdf

3. Mathematical/Hegelian Philosophy papers

 The Hegelian logic implicit in formal logic,   May, 2014.  Formal.pdf 

G. W. F. Hegel: Geometrical Studies - translated with Introduction and Notes, Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain 57/58, 2008, 118-153.    Earlier version in: gstrans3.doc

The Hegelian Concept and set theory, 15 pages, 2007. Hegset.pdf

A modern Hegelian Philosophy of Special Relativity, 32 pages, 2010.  HegelRelativity2.pdf 

Hegel's Early Geometry, Hegel Studien 39/40, 2004/2005, 61-124.  Earlier version in : Heggeom7.doc , Heggeom7.pdf

Does Hegel have anything to say to modern mathematical philosophy?, Idealistic Studies 32:2, 2002, 143-158. sjp6.doc , sjp6.pdf

The Successor Function and Induction Principle in a Hegelian Philosophy of Number, Idealistic Studies 30 (1) 2000, 25-61. inductio.doc , inductio.pdf

Frege and Hegel on concepts and number, 22 pages. nnfregh.doc , nnfregh.pdf

Self-reference and the natural numbers as the logic of Dasein, Hegel Studien 32(1997), 93-121. HEGSTUFR.pdf

Towards a Hegelian philosophy of mathematics, Idealistic Studies, 27(1997), 1-10. TOHEGFF.doc , TOHEGFF.pd

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