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Ideas To Decorate A Cake

ideas to decorate a cake
  • Confer an award or medal on (a member of the armed forces)
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Betty Crocker Cakes
Betty Crocker Cakes
I've been coming with all kinds of ideas for this SMERSH item -- Boomer's handwriting, favorite books, a big ice cream sundae from Jann's or Thomas Sweet -- but then this evening I saw the Betty Crocker book open to the cakes section. I spent a lot of time with these pages back in the day. I don't remember making cakes as much as cookies, but I know I thought the photos of decorating ideas were the height of sophistication -- particularly the shot of icing petit fours (which I did actually attempt several times, but without much success). I wish we had the old Sunbeam mixer to go with the cookbook, or the drawer-pulls from that kitchen (think clear knobs filled with a variety of dried foods like rice and corn and beans), to complete the picture. SMERSH #42. Something that reminds you of your childhood -- Pookie
Cake Shop Window Display
Cake Shop Window Display
The cake shop in the market is really great (even if you don't want a cake). They decorate them in the shop in full view, with some great design ideas. Unfortunately I didn't have my polarising filter with me, so I had to tone down some of the window reflections a little bit but didn't want to get too heavy handed, which is why some of them are still visible.

ideas to decorate a cake
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