Classroom Door Decorating Ideas

classroom door decorating ideas
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  • (Classrooms) Belk Hall, Reid Hall, Daniel Moultrie Science Center (DMSC)
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2010 469 Reach for the stars
2010 469 Reach for the stars
Just a snapshot. Next week, all of the children at our school will be taking the Star Test. Our school has adopted the idea that having a positive attitude about the test will improve results. We had a party on last Wednesday night where we had pizza and looked at test questions, made goals to help us do better and talked about nutrition and sleep and their role in test taking success. Today was the assembly for all the students in 2nd-5th grades. All of the teachers for those classes were asked to decorate the inside of their classroom doors with a star related theme. This was my son's contribution to his class door. He is a great test taker and very smart, he's not bothered about the test at all!!! I wish everyone had his attitude about it!
birthday surprise
birthday surprise
my third graders are the sweetest darlings. this morning they decorated the whole blackboard with birthday messages for me. when i came into the classroom they stood around the door in a big circle and sang 'happy birthday', in english. they were so proud. as their english teacher, i was proud too. we had a fun german lesson and then enjoyed the cake(s) i baked yesterday. mornings like this make having a birthday on a work day much more fun!

classroom door decorating ideas
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