Welcome to the Apartment Parking Task Force

We were formed as an open Task Force by the Citywide Land Use Group(CWLUG). This Group consists of Land Use Chairmen, other neighborhood representatives, and interested citizens who volunteer from many of our 95 Neighborhood Associations in Portland, Oregon. Bonny McKnight has been the sole coordinator of these monthly meetings for the past 12 years.

The Apartment Parking Task Force was formed in August 2012 in response to Portland's unprecedented increase of apartment development with little or no off-street parking. Over the past 18 months (02/2011-08/2012) 28 apartment developments of this type have been approved. This correlates to 557 new residential units that have NO off-street parking and 602 new residential units with little parking
located outside the City Center. This totals 1,159 residential units with little or no parking.

After significant research, the Task Force presented an Issues Paper and preliminary survey for consideration by the CWLUG. On September 24th, the CWLUG directed task force chairman Tamara DeRidder to develop these documents into a citywide survey that would be distributed through the Neighborhood Association network. An Editing Team together with the Task Force refined the Neighborhood Survey that then distributed it in late October through early November.

This website provides access to research documents, our public documents, and the results of the Neighborhood Apartment Park Survey.  The Task Force conducted several meetings in November and December to draft 'short term' fix recommendations as was requested by BPS Director Susan Anderson. These 'Tentative Recommendations' and Tamara's memo to the City Council on systemic issues provide highlighted areas that are of most concern as the short-term fix and Comprehensive Plan Update move forward.

These Survey Results and 'Tentative Recommendations' are being sent to the Portland neighborhood associations for their discernment for possible action on behalf of their communities.

It is our hope for this website to serve as a resource and provide the opportunity for neighborhood discussions on this and related topics.

Thank you for your interest - Please invite your neighbors to join us in this discussion.

Project at a Glance:

The Neighborhood Apartment Parking Survey wasn sent out to the ONI Neighborhood Directory at the end of October - early November.  In that 12-day period 1,188 people responded to this survey!!

The results of this survey was presented to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission at their Nov. 14th forum.

Key Survey Results:
1. Increase early neighborhood meetings with developers
2. Require developers to be responsive to neighborhood needs
3. Implement designs that step down to residential zones
4. Tie apartments to Tri-Met frequent transit routes

NEW: Apartment Parking Ordinance Proposed for PSC hearing March 12th, 2013 @ 1900 SW Fourth at 12:30 pm.

Next Steps:
  • APTF Meeting - Thurs. Feb 28th @ SE Uplift, 7:30-9:00 pm
  • Formulating a response to proposed ordinance
  • Provide comments to ONI neighborhoods and PSC
  • Anticipate Council public hearing

Project Objectives

The Citywide Land Use Group established the Apartment Parking Task Force with the objectives to:
  • Gather comments from all neighborhood representatives and neighbors regarding their experiences with apartments with little or no off street parking
  • Categorize comments and prioritize
  • Identify key themes
  • Compile Issues paper
  • Develop survey for Task Force
  • Distribute surveys and analyze results
  • Refine survey for Neighborhood audience
  • After approval, distribute survey
  • Compile an analyze results
  • Develop preliminary summary for distribution to Task Force
  • Prepare presentation of Survey Summary for the Planning and Sustainability Commission
  • Analyze responses further & develop a White Paper for review of the CWLUG
  • Distribute White Paper to City Commissioners and members of the PSC.

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Set Up Business District E-mails Project Manager 1.) Active 2.) Medium November 5, 2012 10% 
Build new website for neighborhood associations to communicate  1.) Active 3.) High February 27, 2013 10% 
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  • Survey Update We received 1,188 survey responses in only 12-days!! The results of the Neighborhood Apartment Parking Survey has been presented to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission, November 14th ...
    Posted Feb 26, 2013, 10:58 AM by Tamara DeRidder
  • Many Issues Differed to Comprehensive Plan Update Principal Planner Joe Zehnder shares that many issues being raised by the community regarding the impacts of these apartments are being differed to the Comprehensive Plan Update. The 'short-term ...
    Posted Feb 26, 2013, 11:35 AM by Tamara DeRidder
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