Kitchen And Cleaning Set - Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Machines.

Kitchen And Cleaning Set

kitchen and cleaning set
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kitchen and cleaning set - BestBroom RB-DP
BestBroom RB-DP Compact Reach Broom with Telescoping Handle and Attachable Dustpan
BestBroom RB-DP Compact Reach Broom with Telescoping Handle and Attachable Dustpan
Reach Broom with Dust Pan is the newest addition to the Best Broom family of products. With it's telescoping pole and articulating head, you can reach spaces that most brooms could never find. Simply press in the white button at the bristle base and angle your broom to your cleaning needs. Reach under beds, under desks, counter ledges, and even under your couch. Reach Broom's Stand Up Dust Pan provides a base to store your Reach Broom without damaging bristles and attaches onto the broom so you can always have your set handy. When you're done, simply retract the Reach Broom's Pole and store within the Dust Pan for the ultimate in compact broom storage. This set is perfect for offices, dorm rooms, RV / Camping, apartments, or anywhere space is a priority.

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Megahouse - ??????????
Megahouse - ??????????
From the Megahouse Pop'n Kitchen set. Title: Shiny Cleaning Set A little house mug, stacked duckie measuring cups, a smiley plate, plate drying rack, a watermelon sponge (?) and a little bottle of cleaning soap. I love the details!
Rite-Hite Toys For Little Homemakers
Rite-Hite Toys For Little Homemakers
Includes Wolverine's Rite-Hite Steel Kitchen, Frigidaire Range and Refrigerator, Kayanee Sewing Machine, Deluxe Ironing Set, Pink Lady Cleaning Set, and Little Queen Carpet Sweeper by Bissell

kitchen and cleaning set
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