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Apartment Cleaning Rates

apartment cleaning rates
  • A suite of rooms in a very large or grand house set aside for the private use of a monarch or noble
  • An apartment (in US English) or flat (in British English) is a self-contained housing unit (a type of residential real estate) that occupies only part of a building. Such a building may be called an apartment building or apartment house, especially if it consists of many apartments for rent.
  • A large building containing such suites; an apartment building
  • A suite of rooms forming one residence, typically in a building containing a number of these
  • a suite of rooms usually on one floor of an apartment house
  • Apartment are a four-piece alternative rock band from London, United Kingdom. They formed in 2005 and are currently signed to Filthy Lucre and Fleet Street Records. The band have toured with The Bravery, Delays, Editors, Jimmy Eat World and British Sea Power amongst others.
  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing
  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking
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apartment cleaning rates - Venta LW44
Venta LW44 Air Humidifier and Purifier All-in-one
Venta LW44 Air Humidifier and Purifier All-in-one
Air that feels good must be properly humidified. Heated air dries out the mucous membranes (weakening your resistance to viral infections). Overheated dry air makes you feel tired and listless. Your skin dries out, your plants suffer and your wooden furniture starts to show cracks. The Venta-Airwasher is ideal to reduce chapped lips, stuffed up noses, sore throats, and dried out eyes. Protect your valuable wood furniture and floors as well as musical instruments from drying out. Dry indoor air is difficult to clean; every movement causes millions of particles to be stirred up and become airborne. However, humidification keeps a large number of airborne particles down on the floor; making the two-in-one humidifier/purifier? more effective than air purifiers alone. The Venta Airwasher humidifies the air while simultaneously drawing in and removing dust, pollen and other contaminating particles down to 10 microns ( 10/1000 mm ) in size from the air. Easy maintenance. No filters to change or clean or cumbersome containers to fill. The simple design and convenient access to the tank allow for easy cleaning. 3 gal. tank capacity. Measures 16.5" x 11.8" x 13". 3 speeds. Humidifies/purifies up to 720 sq. ft. 10 Year Limited Warranty. Made in Germany

85% (12)
Recurringdreams, this picture is specially posted for your concern which you showed in my previous pic of a close-up image of this expatriate worker watching our fire drill. Well foremost, to make the living conditions of the expatriate workers more satisfying don’t you think we the normal citizen of Maldives should have more spacious place, atleast a place where you can breath freely? In every country the first demand is to make the normal citizen experience before hand the aliens to the country experience all this special previlages. Right now, it’s male’ the only island in Maldives where you can get a better health access and a better job access with all your basic commodities available just next door. If you check in to one of the typical house and ask them to evacuate the house, then prior to the furniture been taken out of the house, a lorry/pickup full of persons would be coming out of the house. There is no particular standard put into this rental houses. A house which doesn’t have anything can charge you more 10,000 MRF, which is the cheapest now for a 2 room apartment/house and similarly you can find a good house with nice structure for the same price or much higher price. It fluctuates like how the dollars rates are going up/down in other countries but here the price never falls but always rise in case of the rent. If a company announce that they are going to raise the salary by 20%, the next day the taxi rate would be up by 50% and all the other commodities – WHO IS GOING TO CHECK ON THIS? And if this is the case then your salary increase doesn’t help much but just let the other low income earners suffer. First get your country clean and then think about others – All this labours who are here? Why are they here? What are they doing? Are they doing something extra ordinary that a Maldivian cannot do? If we can do the same thing then why isn’t a Maldivian coming front? Do we loose our prestige and reputation by doing what they are doing? A simple example: A man who hires two barbers and runs a barber shop gets around 3000 MRF every month from the shop. He pays both the expatriate workers 1000 MRF each and he saves 1000 MRF. Wow that’s some profit, but does he think that his actually profit that month is just less than 500 MRF after cutting the electricity bill, feeding them and other expenditures incurred during the month just for the shop. Now imagine a similar situation where he is the barber himself and gets 3000 MRF and if he owns a shop & he let his wife run it or when no customer for his barber shop, he can run it. Now from this 3000 MRF his expenditure would still be the less as he doesnt have to pay himself salary or take into account his deed - and that means he earns more than 2000 MRF net profit. this can go on and on....
PIXE-L-Ess Colour
PIXE-L-Ess Colour
Took from my balcony after snatching the camera from my sister-in-law. When I left ma house for another ferry service (social/family course) I saw this scene of window cleaners from ma balcony so I told ma brother (Nanof) that theres a good shot - go and take it and when I came back after doing my ferry service - I saw ma sis in law trying her best in taking this shot... I stood next to her like a small kid watching another kid eating/licking/yummy ice creams.. and in ma mind saying "Can I? can I? Can i??" She must have seen me salvaiting - and gave me the camera - Tadain here is the shot - Social message (hehehe***burp) Can you see those dark window cleaners/painters? They are doing these task without taking any safety measures. Even this guy didnt have any strings attached to him but just the platform was there. I heard (not confirmed) yesterday that a labourer (bangladeshi) died after falling from a 2 storey apartment while cleaning. Btw the pixel rate is very bad because I had to use the digital zoom (wooosh right into the toilet)

apartment cleaning rates
apartment cleaning rates
TPP201M %2D 90 TP 201TW01%2DW Therapure Air Purifier
Therapure 3-Speed HEPA/Photo Catalyst/UV air purifier, 182 sq. ft. room capacity Triple action purification for maximum protection! Effectively removes smoke, pollen, dust, odors, dust mites, pet hair and dander, and kills mold spores and bacteria with a three-part cleaning system including a permanent HEPA-type filter, UV light and photo catalyst filter. Three-speed fan setting. Quiet operation and low power consumption. For medium to large rooms. Global Product Type: Air Cleaner Machines; Air Cleaner Machine Type: Ionic/HEPA; CADR: 120 - 145; Maximum Room Size (Square Footage): 182 sq. ft.

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