How To Clean Coin

how to clean coin
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  • Make (coins) by stamping metal
how to clean coin - Coin Chemistry:
Coin Chemistry: Including Cleaning and Preservation
Coin Chemistry: Including Cleaning and Preservation
This book is a compilation of articles on coin chemistry the author has written over the years which have appeared in popular numismatic publications. Some deal with the cleaning of coins while others address coin preservation. Other topics on coin chemistry are also presented. The data given in the book are based on experimentation. The quantities of sulfur responsible for the diverse coloration on toned silver coins are given in micrograms per square centimeter. The book is a must if one wants to learn about toning and good coin care.

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what's in my purse?
what's in my purse?
I see these being done everywhere and I've been always interested in doing one of these too. Lately I've been noticing how heavy my purse was and decided now was a good time to see what the heck I've been lugging around. No wonder it's heavy. Other things I usually have in here but not right now: - my red ipod nano (it's somewhere in my backpack I believe) - my nature bee lip balm I bought from borders (strawberry cream scented!).... I lost it somewhere at the apartment so I can't find it :( - my mini bottle of victoria secret lotion (started carrying that in my backpack) - my checkbook (started figuring out I should leave that elsewhere) - some sort of gum or chewy candy (finished all my supply so must restock) - my cell phone I guess? I usually hold that in my jean pockets though ACK! So many things I'm missing. I'll re-do this some other time, haha.
Day Two Hundred and Forty Two- Coins
Day Two Hundred and Forty Two- Coins
"There's something I wanna tell you. After I got shot, you wanna know the very first thing that entered my mind? Before I blacked out? Coins. I'm eight years old again on a tour of the U.S. Mint. I'm listening to a guy explain how coins are made. How they're punched out of sheet metal. How they're rimmed and beveled. How they're stamped and cleaned. And how each and every batch of coin are personally examined just in case any of them slipped though with the slightest imperfection. That's what popped into my head. I'm a Coin of the United States Army. I was minted in the year 1980. I've been punched from sheet metal. I've been stamped and cleaned. My edges have been rimmed and beveled. But now I have two small holes in me. I'm no longer in perfect condition."-- One of my favorite quotes from Dear John. ¦

how to clean coin
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