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Welcome to the apartment...number 33, to be exact. Here you will find some truly unique creations brought to life by no-budget, Kentucky-fried filmmaking.

Have fun exploring all the content within--no matter how crass, politically incorrect, or devoid of nutritional value.






"Trailer-Park Ninja" Officially Showing at WIFE Festival!

 I'm indescribably stoked for the World Independent Film Expo (as if I were not already biting at the bit) and am officially in the festival come May!  Very big, gracious thank you to all of those involved: Dave Fultz, Sarah, Jon, and Jake for their time, energy, and creativity.  And to the WIFE festival peeps for giving our little film company a shot...I can't wait to get to know everybody in the Kentucky indie scene and beyond.  

See everybody at the WIFE!


 "Trailer-Park Ninja" Finished/Behind-the-Scenes Featurette in the Works!

Sent in the DVD of the trailer last week to the World Independent Film Expo!  Yay U.S. Postal Service, right?  Hoping to hear something back soon; the watch-pot never boils, I guess.  Currently working on a behind-the-scenes featurette to throw up on YouTube...stay tuned!                                                <3/22/09>



My old karate pal David Fultz answered a casting call I posted last week on KY Movie.net.  Dave and I go way back, as we used to train together in Morehead.

But yeah,looking forward to the WIFE festival in May...and working with Dave on a regular basis...unless they need him for the next Batman film, of course.  <3/1/09>


Apartment 33 Films is currently casting for several roles for a project slated to be produced this summer...check out the Casting Room for more info!          <2/27/09>