Casting Room

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This is our casting room, where actors/actresses, crew members, and other interested parties can browse our current casting calls.  

Be sure to check back often, as casting and schedules may change!

"Trailer-Park Ninja"

Running time: 01:30 (trailer)

Format: DV  


David Fultz - The Trailer-Park Ninja 

Sarah Felty - Candy

Jake Lemaster - Marco

Josh Felty - Boss Mann

We need:

Polo - a big thug

Frances - another big thug

Chick #1 and Chick #2 - two beautiful gals who meet our hero's fancy

"The Enforcer"

Running time: 30 min. (short feature)

Format: DV


David Fultz - The Enforcer/Tony Savate

We need:

Vincent "The Face" Valrissio - ruthless, cunning mob boss

Jimmy "Teeth" Weiss - mob underling, our hero's target

Sheriff Burl Perkins - sheriff on his last legs

Allison De Rosa - Vincent's babe

Iris - Teeth's old lady

Gringo - Vincent's bodyguard

Cochise - Teeth's right-hand man

Skinny - Sheriff Perkins' pudgy deputy

Bar Guy - some drunk

Mack - homeless guy

Nurse - hospital nurse

Remember, we only send samples of screenplays for review purposes, so as to avoid all the legal mumbo-jumbo none of us really have time, patience, or money for...

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or call Josh @ 859-582-2027 

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